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This website is all about travel, food and expat life including guides, reviews and more about the Philippines, Southeast Asia, the Middle East, Eurasia, the United States of America and beyond!

The name of the blog stems from my love for photography and traveling.

I used to own point-and-shoot cameras but have since graduated to a mirrorless (Sony), GoPro and iPhone when traveling.

I still love to take photos of anything I find interesting during my travels because someday it will all be memories!

About the author

Hi, I’m Darlene! I fell in love with traveling through a corporate job that gave me the opportunity to travel around the Philippines. In 2014, I started my travel blog as a hobby.

I have since then worked as a freelancer, lived and worked in Qatar (Middle East) for more than 6 years as an expat/overseas Filipino worker, and in 2023, quit my job to travel again while focusing on growing this blog and other websites.


My mission?

To help you with your travel planning and give you inspiration for your next travel adventure.

Come with me as I travel the world using my third-world passport!

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