About Me

Hello fellow earthling!

I’m Darlene.

As a self-confessed foodie with a gypsy soul, I left the corporate jungle to work as a freelancer in order to have more time to travel and explore this beautiful world. But the opportunity to work abroad came in late 2016 and so I grabbed it. Voila! I’m now an expat here in Doha, Qatar.

I’m fonder of taking photos of places and things rather than myself. I dream of having my own food truck and driving it while traveling the world someday.

I’m always curious and like to explore places both as a traveler and a local. Despite maps and GPS, I often end up getting lost even in my home city, Metro Manila. I love to read and listen to music and make it a point to still do these even when traveling.

If I’m not traveling, I’m probably thinking of things such as ways to incorporate bacon and dark chocolate into my diet. That, or being a dog mom to Max. Since bacon and Max are currently unavailable to me, I’m devoting my free time to exploring what Qatar has to offer these days.

Join me in my travels, misadventures and foodscapades!


Why did I start this blog?

My love for writing stemmed from my love for reading. And it all started with Nancy Drew and the Hardy Boys. All those adventure and mystery lured me into the world of literature. Come high school, I wrote for the school paper and loved it. I even considered Journalism as one of the courses I would take in college. But my love for food prevailed. It is one of our basic needs after all. Still, my love for writing remained and on occasion, I would use this to de-stress or express my feelings since I’m an introvert.

I’ve long wanted to start my own blog but life got in the way. Then one day, I finally got around to starting one in Blogger. And as they say, the rest is history. This is not to say that I envision myself as a good writer. I believe that I’m still in the process of finding my own voice and my niche. But all I know is, I started this blog, first and foremost as my online travel “journal”. I didn’t start it for money or to fund my travels. There are many other ways for that. Monetization will come in the future for sure, but for now, I’m satisfied getting my stories out in the world for those who wish to read it. It’s enough for me that my readers will learn from my travel mistakes and be inspired to be their better self.

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