Where to eat in Baguio: 50’s Diner, Good Taste, Café Sabel, and Choco-late’ de Batirol

If you’re planning a trip to Baguio, the City of Pines, and wondering where to eat, I’ve got you covered. Baguio is home to a diverse culinary scene that caters to all tastes and budgets – from affordable eats, famous dining spots, the best restaurants in Baguio for the family, and more!

It’s always a joy to revisit Baguio for a weekend with the family. It’s been a very long time since we went there for vacation, but I’ve passed by Baguio a few times in recent years for work.

During those times, I’ve noticed the emergence of new and promising food choices. I didn’t get to try them because I was alone during those times, and good food is always best shared. I actually have a long list of Baguio eats that I wanted to try but with the limited time and itinerary, we only got to try four of them. So if you’re looking for where to eat in Baguio, check out some of the restaurants listed here:


Where to eat in Baguio

BREAKFAST: 50’s Diner

Where to eat in Baguio

As its name implies, this popular restaurant is a 50’s themed American Diner. The decor will surely transport you back to the days of Elvis, Madonna, and the automobile revolution. The signature red vintage car is parked outside and has been a constant source of photo opportunities for tourists.

It can get pretty packed in the mornings so be sure to come early. The huge servings make the affordable prices even more worth it. Nothing spectacular about the food though so don’t expect much. But it was definitely filling for breakfast! Worth the experience for the ambiance and ample portions. And the owner was quite nice too!

Crowd favorites: Guys on the hood, Gangsta Gangsta

50s diner Baguio where to eat
Jukebox, Audrey Hepburn and Humphrey Bogart, anyone?

BRUNCH: New Good Taste Cafe and Restaurant

  • Location: Otek Street, Baguio (near Burnham Park)
  • Operating Hours: 5 AM to 11 PM

Famous for its buttered chicken and pancit, this budget-friendly restaurant that looks like a huge food court is one of Baguio’s icons. Some people would argue that Good Taste does not live up to its name. But then again that’s not why loyal patrons and curious tourists come here.

Like 50’s Diner, you will get more bang for your buck because of the generous serving. This also leads to the high possibility of the restaurant being fully packed especially during peak hours. Try to be patient if you chose to dine during these hours as there will surely be a waiting time for seats, food, and the bill.

Their breakfast selection although limited to only four combos comes with garlic rice, fried egg, 2 dishes, and a choice of your drink (brewed coffee, hot choco, Milo, pineapple juice, or iced tea), all for only 75 pesos! As the Pinoys would say it, “sulit!“.

Crowd favorites: Buttered Chicken, Chopsuey

LUNCH: Cafe Sabel

  • Location: Ground Level, BenCab Museum, KM 6 Asin Road, Benguet
  • Operating Hours: 9 AM to 6 PM (Tuesday to Sunday). Closed Mondays, Christmas Day & New Year’s Day.

Located inside BenCab museum, Cafe Sabel is a haven for the health conscious as most of the ingredients come directly from their farm outside of the museum and restaurant building.

Even though the prices are a little bit expensive compared to other restaurants in Baguio, the whimsical ambiance, as well as the breathtaking and inner peace-inducing view outside, will surely compensate for it. To fully immerse in this experience, try eating in the outside seats. That is if you can brave the cold Baguio weather. ?

The Farm Fresh Salad was made with different kinds of lettuce, fresh tomatoes, julienned raw carrots, cucumber and alfalfa sprouts with strawberry vinaigrette dressing. Truly an appetizer to delight your senses.

Meanwhile, the Duck Flakes rice meal was served with salted egg salad, black and highland rice and the flavorful shredded duck meat. The serving of Hungarian Sausage pasta served with toasted bread was very satisfying.

The Omelette was what you would expect an omelet to be. My brother chose bacon (you can choose between tuna and bacon) and it was served with a side of cut tomatoes and toasted bread. The Adobo Rice, pork adobo served with sweet potato, was also not that remarkable.

Crowd favorites: Farm Fresh Salad, Chicken Paprika

AFTERNOON SNACK: Choco-late’ de Batirol

chocolate de batirol turon langka bibingka baguio what to eat
Traditional Choco-late’ de Batirol, Turon langka, and Bibingka
  • Location: Igorot Park, Camp John Hay, Baguio
  • Operating Hours: 8 AM – 9 PM

This quaint garden restaurant inside Camp John Hay boasts of their version of the famous beverage made from the so-called food of the gods through the traditional process of using a batirol (or sometimes called batidor).

The chocolate comes from the best cacao beans and then undergoes fermentation, roasting and cooking process before mixing with peanut to form the chocolate paste. Their Traditional Choco-late de batirol is full-bodied and has its own distinct taste. Chocolatey goodness!

For the amount of Php 740, a group of 6 can have 6 Traditional hot chocolate, and 1 serving each of bibingka, suman, and turon. We also tried their Pancit Palabok (Php 105) which we did not expect to be quite tasty because we were not that impressed with their turon and bibingka. Their suman sa lihia is quite good and has a generous helping of brown sugar and toasted desiccated coconut.

The establishment also serves breakfast, plated meals, set meals, and lunch/dinner aside from the selection of Choco-late de Batirol (Php 80 – 115) and Cold Batirol (Php 145 – 155).

The owner’s advocacy of propagating eco-friendly cacao farms in the Cordillera is truly a noble one and his vision is best exemplified through Choco-late de Batirol. Cacao trees can be seen around the restaurant, and one can also buy cacao pods and beans inside along with other “pasalubong” items.

One caveat if you will be seating outside during the late afternoon is the presence of mosquitoes and other flying insects. It could also get crowded due to limited seating and parking space could also be a problem. There was also a live acoustic band at night so if you’re looking for some peace and quiet, go someplace else.

Crowd favorites: Traditional Blend, Baguio blend (Strawberry)

From cheap eateries to fine dining, the culinary world of Baguio surely has it all making it not just a tourist destination but also a foodie haven. I surely will come back to try the other restaurants on my list!

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How about you? Have you eaten in the restaurants above? How was your experience? And what are your favorite Baguio restaurants?



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