Batanes: North Batan Tour and Itinerary

After finally landing in the smallest and northernmost province of the Philippines, we were stoked! We couldn’t contain our excitement and started touring the province’s second-biggest island – Batan! Out of Batanes‘ 10 islands, only three are inhabited and Batan is one of them. So here’s our first day, covering the North Batan Tour and Itinerary.

Exploring Batanes: North Batan

After checking in at Marfel’s Lodge, our rented van driver and guide picked us up to start our tour.

The capital of Batanes, Basco, is located in North Batan where the province’s airport can be found. Beside the airport is Mt. Iraya, making it hard to fly to this province, especially when the weather is not ideal.

You can explore Batan island via tricycle or bicycle (if you’re up for it!) but we chose a van since I was traveling with my three friends and they’re not as used to DIY and budget travel as I am.


The attractions in Batan island are divided into two — North and South. So what did we see on our first day in Batanes?

North Batan tour and attractions

Vayang Rolling Hills and Mt Iraya

Batanes Vayang Rolling Hills Mt Iraya
Mt. Iraya (photo by Darlene Madrid –

Cliche, but you’ll be singing “The hills are alive with the sound of music“. That or you’ll be shocked and speechless once you see the entirety of Vayang Rolling Hills.

The lush pastoral landscape certainly has that effect – green rolling hills, strong winds, grazing cows, hedgerows, and blue skies. We were lucky that when we got there, there were only a few other visitors and there were more cows than people!

Mt. Iraya (photo by Darlene Madrid –

Beyond the hills with different shades of green lies the West Philippine Sea. In the distance, you can also see the majestic Mt Iraya and Chadpidan Boulder Beach. You can also see the other islands if it’s not cloudy.

Mt Iraya (approximately 1,009 masl) is still an active volcano, although its last eruption was way back in 1454. Like Mayon, you’d be lucky to see Mt Iraya in its full glory and without cloud cover. If you’re a mountaineer and willing to brave the thickly forested climb, a guide is required if you want to hike up the summit of Mt. Iraya.

Naidi Hills and Basco Lighthouse

Basco lighthouse (photo by Darlene Madrid –

This iconic white and red lighthouse built in 2003 can be seen amidst the rolling hills in Naidi. The viewing deck offers a panoramic view of Basco town proper and the surrounding landscape.

Besides the lighthouse is a former American bunker that is now a restaurant called Bunker’s Cafe. People come here not just for the food but more so for the view during sunset.

batanes view from naidi basco lighthouse bunkers cafe
Photo credit:


Mt Carmel Chapel (Tukon Church)

batanes mt carmel chapel tukon church facade
Mt. Carmel Chapel (photo by Darlene Madrid –

Perched on a small hill in Barangay Chanarian, what made this small church stand out is because of its boulder walls, the only one of its kind among the churches in the province.

Inside, you’ll be amazed by stained glass windows, carved wooden doors, and the handpainted ceiling. Officially opened in 2008, it is now one of the famous churches to get married at. It was also made even more popular by a local rom-com movie.

Radar Tukon (PAGASA)

Batanes pagasa radar tukon
PAGASA Batanes (photo by Darlene Madrid –

The PAGASA (Philippine Atmospheric, Geophysical, and Astronomical Services Administration) of course has its own weather station in the northernmost province of the country.

Batanes, which is surrounded by the South China Sea and the Pacific Ocean, is often on the path of typhoons and a reference point in the north for storm updates. Located in the hills of Tukon, it overlooks Mt Iraya and the rolling hills with its hedgerows (liveng).

Idjang Viewing

batanes north batan idjang
Idjang Viewing (photo by Darlene Madrid –

Along the way, our guide pointed out the Basco Idjang in the distance. Idjangs are ancient Ivatan stone fortresses and habitations.

Fundacion Pacita Batanes Nature Lodge

Photo by Darlene Madrid –

Sitting on a hill with a view of the sea is the former home and studio of the acclaimed artist, Pacita Abad. Now a luxury accommodation, it pays homage to Ivatan art and heritage and also has a gallery that showcases the artworks of Pacita Abad and up-and-coming local artists.

Its location and the surrounding verdant landscape are certainly a good inspiration for creating paintings and even photography. It was too picturesque for words! Too bad that when we went there, the lodge was closed from August 1 to October 30. This is to allow three months of rest for the facility and for the plants, soil, and land to recuperate.

Dipnaysuhwan (Dipnaysuhuan) Japanese Tunnel

batanes north batan dipnayshuwan japanese tunnel entrance
Entrance to Dipnaysuhwan (photo by Darlene Madrid –

If there were no people outside the entrance of the tunnel, I would have easily overlooked it. A small hole beside the roadside under a tree root and stones, leads you further underground.

I’m not a big fan of caves and tunnels for they make me feel claustrophobic. So after opening my flashlight app, I went with our guide inside the tunnels that used to be the shelter of Japanese soldiers during World War II. We went around different doorways and chambers and exited on top of a hill, which was probably the lookout spot of the Japanese soldiers.

Valugan Boulder Beach (Chanpan)

Valugan Boulder Beach (photo by Darlene Madrid –

When we think of the word beach, immediately what comes to mind is powdery sand, coconut trees, and idyllic waves. But Valugan Beach offers something different – boulders from the 15th-century eruption of Mt. Iraya.

Smooth andesite rocks litter the area where the sand should dominantly be, making the path to the water tricky to walk on. The waves crash angrily to the shore, a clear warning that swimming here would be near impossible.

Boulders notwithstanding, I was jumping for joy (again) when we reached this unique beach. A masterpiece of Mother Nature. There’s something so hypnotic about watching the fierce waves kiss the shore (and rocks).

Basco town proper

batanes basco our immaculate conception church
Our Lady of Immaculate Conception Cathedral, Basco, Batanes (photo by Darlene Madrid –

After resting for a bit at Marfel’s we decided to rent some bikes from the neighbors and explore the town proper. Since I was a pansy-ass for not being able to brave the bike, I walked instead while my three friends biked. We stopped by the first Catholic church in the country built in the 18th century, Our Lady of Immaculate Conception Cathedral, then headed back to our guesthouse.

Our Batanes North Batan tour and itinerary:

batanes basco port
Basco sunset (photo by Darlene Madrid –

Day 1 North Batan

0745HETA Basco Airport
0800HArrival at Marfel Lodge Annex (pick-up c/o Marfel)
1030H Start of North Tour (Vayang Rolling Hills | Naidi Lighthouse)
1230HLunch (6 to 8 Panciteria)
1315HMt Carmel Chapel
Radar Tukon (PAGASA)
Idjang Viewing
Fundacion Pacita
Dipnaysuhwan Japanese Tunnel
Valugan Boulder Beach
1500Hend of tour
1500HMarfel’s Lodge (start of free time)
bike around the Provincial Capitol, plaza, Our Lady of the Immaculate Conception Cathedral, port, Shanedel’s Inn
1830HDinner (Octagon)

Who to contact for Batanes tours?

Click here for the list of DoT (Department of Tourism) accredited travel agencies and tour operators in Batanes as well as more suggested itineraries.

If you prefer to book via Klook, check out these tours:

Where to stay in Batanes?

batanes basco town proper view from naidi lighthouse
view of Basco town proper from Basco lighthouse

We stayed in Marfel’s Lodge and would love to do so again. But here is the list of DOT-accredited accommodations in Batanes that you can choose from.

Here are more accommodation options in Batanes:

Have you been to Batanes? How was your experience? πŸ™‚


Darlene is currently on the road again and traveling full-time after being an expat/overseas Filipino worker in Qatar. She's rediscovering what it means to travel solo and in her 30s while working on her blogs.


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