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Doha Foodscapades: Burgeri Qatar

Doha, Qatar – Under the sweltering heat of a Friday lunch, we made our way to Aspire Park for me to try Burgeri. The agenda? Search for the best burger in Qatar. Since it’s cheat day Friday, I only ate a very light breakfast for the gastronomic delights coming my way.

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Burgeri: Location

From Villaggio Mall, one can see Burgeri’s building standing out amidst the Aspire Park entrance together with Sugar & Spice. Coming from outside, you wouldn’t know that it’s a burger joint except for the signboard that says Burgeri. I was expecting more diners but it seemed that we rented the restaurant for there was only one table of diners when we got there.

burgeri doha interiors

Burgeri: Interiors and Ambiance

Inside, the first thing that one will notice is the industrial design of the interiors. Neutral tones, lots of wood and metal, vintage accents, and utilitarian furniture dominate the space.

The “warehouse” look is combined with almost floor to ceiling glass windows that helped make it look more spacious and not constricting.

The metal light fixtures reminded me of the show Rick’s Restoration and made me want to take them home. Even the open kitchen is in industrial chic.

Burgeri doha qatar lights

burgeri doha qatar vintage style

Burgeri: Menu

The menu is pretty simple and typical of burger joints. Menu pamphlets are available at the end of the queue line for those who don’t want to stare at the menu board above the counter.

They offer patties of certified Black Angus and Wagyu, as well as chicken and fish. Their beef patties as indicated on their menu is from ground Chuck. A classic beef cut used for burgers.

Since C already had his share of Burgeri’s burger from their food truck the night before, he ordered the Brave Dog to try. I went for my staple mushroom burger on their menu. For drinks, I tried the Freshly squeezed mint lemonade.

burgeri doha menu counter

Burgeri: Food and Service

We were given a coaster pager and waited for it to vibrate to get our food. In between, I took the opportunity to practice my new cam on their Instagram-worthy space.

It didn’t take long for the food to arrive. And so it should because we were the only customers that time! 🙂

At first sight, I was kinda disappointed with the size of my burger. But turns out, the burger is just the right size for me. For big eaters though, it might not seem enough. Heck, it might seem like a slider to them.

Although I’ve had my fair share of good and bad (and everything in between) burgers in my life, I am in no way a burger connoisseur. But after a few bites, this has to be the best Burger I’ve had so far here in Qatar!

burgeri doha qatar food

I picked Angus for my B. Mushroom Melt since it’s been so long since I ate beef here. It came with fresh tomato slices, grilled onions, mushrooms, melted Swiss cheese, and garlic aioli. Although the buns are a bit unimpressive, the patty was spot-on. It was juicy, perfectly done, and well seasoned. The grilled onions were a nice touch too that complimented the other ingredients. Not even halfway done with my burger and I was already singing praises. Good burgers usually tend to be messy to eat but this one wasn’t greasy and messy to eat. Now all that’s missing are crispy bacon and this would be perfect.

The Sweet Potato Fries was a godsend too. Always a fan of sweet potato, this definitely did not disappoint. It was crispy while retaining that softness inside. Writing this post makes me wish I’m nibbling on those fries right now.

Condiments are available on the counter, stored in a small chiller. You can get your fill of ketchup, mayo, mustard, spicy mayo, and BBQ sauce.

The Brave Dog was given a “rave review” the night before by C’s friend. In comparison to the burger, it was a bit disappointing according to him. But, it was what he would expect of a hot dog.

Service staff was cheerful and accommodating. But their social media definitely deserves upkeep. We brought this up especially regarding their update on the bus location and they told us that we have to download the Burgeri bus app if we want to keep up with the bus. If they really want to target more people in patronizing them, then this is a bit of a hassle. Better just invest in a good social media manager.

burgeri mushroom burger sweet potato fries brave dog

I’d definitely be coming back to try the other burgers. The Hawaiian and Guacamole are looking good. And to experience dining in their rooftop terrace. Probably when the weather is colder. It was nice to try something Qatari-owned rather than the usual international burger joints. Some people say it is overrated but that’s their opinion. It may be a bit tad overpriced to some if we’re going to consider the serving size, but I still enjoyed my first experience and think that the price is just right.

Is it the best burger in Qatar? For me, it’s definitely sitting in one of the top five spots.

Until the next burger run. 😉

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Disclosure: I was not paid by Burgeri to write this review and since this is my blog, everything expressed (comments, remarks, etc) herein are my own.

What is your favorite burger so far? 


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