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Travel Turkey

Cappadocia: Hot air balloon ride in winter

I flittered between awe and disbelief while trying to ignore the numbness from the cold. Floating in a hot air balloon at 500 meters over a surreal winter landscape tends to do that. What was once just a “bucket…

Accommodation Travel

Top 10 Resorts in Bangalore

Bangalore is the IT capital and known as the Silicon Valley of India. Home to a wide number of technology companies and startups, this city has grown exponentially with a wonderful mix of the local culture and the westernized…

Kameleon Rose Ultimate Travel Dress secret to packing light
Review Travel

Ultimate Travel Dress: your secret to packing light

What if I told you, ladies, there’s a clothing product that you can wear in more than 20 different ways? Don’t believe me? Well, scroll down and ready your purses because here’s my personal review of Kameleon Rose’s Ultimate…

how to apply for turkey tourist visa in qatar
Travel Turkey

How to apply for Turkey tourist visa in Qatar

As one of the transcontinental countries where East meets West, Turkey is also one of the most popular destinations in the world, especially its largest city Istanbul. As such, a lot of expats in the Middle East especially Gulf…

golden mount wat saket bangkok thailand
Thailand Travel

Taking the local bus to The Golden Mount

Bangkok, Thailand – It all seemed easy enough. “Just ride the bus #15,” the male receptionist at Mile Map Hostel said. Turned out, it wouldn’t be that easy taking the local bus to the Golden Mount inside Wat Saket compound.…