El Pescadito Taquerias Mexico City

El Pescadito Mexico City Menu + Review (CDMX fish tacos)

One of the popular spots for fish tacos in Mexico City is El Pescadito Taquerias. Known for authentic Sonora-style seafood tacos, the taco restaurant offers a no-frills menu of well-loved combinations and a salad bar filled with salsas, dressings, and other toppings.

El Pescadito English Menu 2024

Battered Fish
$ 52.00
Cheese stuffed pepper with shrimp
$ 52.00
Battered shrimp, lazy shrimp ends
$ 52.00
Marlitun stuffed pepper taco (tasty and spicy)
$ 52.00
Marlin style, seasoned smoke tuna
$ 52.00
Marlitun stuffed pepper taco with shrimp
$ 52.00
Battered fish and shrimp
$ 52.00
Marlitun with shrimp
$ 52.00
Grilled cheese and spicy shrimp taco
$ 65.00
Choose battered shrimp, battered fish or marlitun
$ 65.00
Juices$ 37.00
Soft drinks$ 34.00
Beers$ 55.00
Flan$ 40.00

What to Order/ Bestsellers

El Pescadito Taquerias Condesa branch Mexico City

Pepper lovers will enjoy Que-sotote (Cheese stuffed pepper with shrimp) and Ta-cotote (Marlitun stuffed pepper taco with shrimp) while fans of Baja-style tacos will enjoy Campechano (Battered fish and shrimp). You can also order the battered fish and shrimp tacos separately.

El Pescadito Condesa Branch Experience: Ambiance, Service and Ordering

Battered fish taco and Marlin taco from El Pescadito Taquerias CDMX

There’s almost always a line at El Pescadito. That’s how popular they are with locals and tourists alike. When I arrived, the queue wasn’t so bad and moved fast. There was a staff dedicated to managing the line and giving you the menu beforehand.

They took my drink order and saved a table using my drink. The casual spot has plenty of seating indoors and outdoors. The cook worked on my food as soon as I placed my order at the counter.

There’s a self-service salad bar at the center that offers different kinds of salsas, pickled red onion, limes, and coleslaw to top your tacos to your heart’s content.

Each taco serving was big enough, compared to other tacos I’ve tried in CDMX and Quintana Roo. So it was fortunate that I only ordered two as I was already full by the time I finished my second taco.

I got the Pescado and the Marlitun. I enjoyed the Campechano more than the Marlitun but only because the tortilla gave up on me halfway when I was eating the Marlitun. I had to ask for a fork to finish the remnants of my taco.

The short wait was worth it and the service was fast and friendly.

Location: C. Atlixco 38, Colonia Condesa, Cuauhtémoc, 06140 Ciudad de México, CDMX, Mexico

Opening Hours

  • Monday to Friday: 11 am to 6 pm
  • Saturday and Sunday: 10 am to 6 pm

History of El Pescadito Taquerias

El Pescadito Taquerias Mexico self service bar toppings sauces

This popular taqueria has been serving up some of Mexico‘s best seafood and fish tacos for years. But how did it all start?

El Pescadito opened its first taqueria in March 1997 in the city of Hermosillo, Sonora in northwest Mexico. The small establishment became known for its shrimp and marlin tacos. It has since evolved to have more than 30 branches across Mexico.

El Pescadito Quick Guide

  • Accepts: Cash, Cards
  • Pet-friendly: Outdoor seating
  • Other locations: Sonora, Sinaloa, Estado de Mexico
  • Social media: Instagram
  • Delivery available

El Pescadito Taquerias Mexico City Branches:

  • Condesa
  • Vito Alessio
  • Zona Rosa
  • Centro Historico
  • Santa Fe
  • Av. Coyoacan
  • Plaza Carso
  • Anahuac
  • Plaza Linda Vista
  • Narvarte
  • Roma
  • Parque Hundido
  • Rio Lerma
  • Niños Heroes
  • Samara
  • Forum Buena Vista
  • Centro Coyocan
  • Tepeyac

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