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Genki Sushi: Menu + Dining Experience

Irasshaimase! That’s how the staff of Genki Sushi SM Aura greeted us when we dropped in for lunch. It’s been a long time since I’ve dined at a Genki Sushi restaurant so I was excited.

Genki Sushi is an international sushi chain famous for its train system for delivering food to the diners at their tables. It has locations worldwide including Japan, the USA (Hawaii), Singapore, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Kuwait, Australia, China, Thailand, and Cambodia. In the Philippines, most of its branches are located in Metro Manila.

The Genki Sushi train: Kousoku Express

genki sushi kousoku express food train
Image credit: Instagram/ genkisushiph

The famous contemporary Japanese chain was started in December 1968 by a Japanese sushi chef named Fumio Saito. Genki Sushi in Japan began as a Kaiten (revolving) sushi that merged modern technology with traditional sushi by serving sushi in a revolving conveyor belt.

Thanks to continuous innovations, Genki Sushi is now popular for its Kousoku Train system. This started in Japan in 2008. Diners order via the restaurant’s touchscreen panels/tablets placed at each table and receive their orders via the double rail system.

Genki Sushi Menu (2024)

Salad and Soup

Genki Salad₱ 300
Edamame₱ 130
Miso Soup₱ 130
Kanikama Salad₱ 180
Steamed Egg Custard₱ 180
Salmon Miso Soup₱ 160
Chuka Wakame₱ 190


Yellow Tail Sashimi (4 pcs)₱ 450
Salmon Belly Sashimi (4 pcs)₱ 370
Northern Shrimp Sashimi (8 pcs)₱ 340
Salmon Sashimi (4 pcs)₱ 370
Tuna Sashimi (4 pcs)₱ 340
Tamago Sashimi (8 pcs)₱ 300


California Handroll₱ 150
Salmon Handroll₱ 190
Tuna Handroll₱ 160
River Eel Handroll₱ 210
Kanikama Handroll₱ 160
Spicy Salmon Handroll₱ 190
Ebi Tempura Handroll₱ 130


Spam Tamago Nigiri (2 pcs)₱ 150
Tempura Shrimp Nigiri (2 pcs)₱ 170
Fried Tofu Skin Nigiri (2 pcs)₱ 130
Yellow Tail Nigiri (2 pcs)₱ 190
Chub Mackerel Nigiri (2 pcs)₱ 160
Hana Sushi (4 pcs)₱ 280
Norwegian Fresh Salmon Nigiri (2 pcs)₱ 160
Salmon Belly Nigiri (2 pcs)₱ 160
Fresh Tuna Nigiri (2 pcs)₱ 160
Shrimp Nigiri (2 pcs)₱ 160
Northern Shrimp Nigiri (2 pcs)₱ 160
Squid Nigiri (2 pcs)₱ 140
Tamago Nigiri (2 pcs)₱ 130
Kanikama Nigiri (2 pcs)₱ 150
Salmon Taberu Layu Nigiri (2 pcs)₱ 190
Shrimp Taberu Layu Nigiri (2 pcs)₱ 160
Squid Taberu Layu Nigiri (2 pcs)₱ 160
Tuna Tataki Nigiri (2 pcs)₱ 160
Tempura Kanikama Nigiri (2 pcs)₱ 160
Fried Gyoza Nigiri (2 pcs)₱ 130
Tofu Skin with Tuna and Corn Salad (1 pc)₱ 130
Tofu Skin with Spicy Salmon Salad (1 pc)₱ 190
Spicy Salmon Salad Inari (2 pcs)₱ 190
Spicy salmon Inari (2 pcs)₱ 170
Tuna Salad Inari (2 pcs)₱ 130
Spicy Tuna Inari (2 pcs)₱ 150
Crab Salad Inari (2 pcs)₱ 130


Lobster Salad Gunkan (2 pcs)₱ 230
Corn Gunkan (2 pcs)₱ 100
Salmon Roe Gunkan (2 pcs)₱ 370
Flying Fish Roe Gunkan (2 pcs)₱ 190
Shrimp Roe Gunkan (2 pcs)₱ 190
Chuka Wakame Gunkan (2 pcs)₱ 130
Spicy Tuna Gunkan (2 pcs)₱ 170
Spicy Salmon Gunkan (2 pcs)₱ 170
Tuna Salad Gunkan (2 pcs)₱ 160
Kanikama Salad Gunkan (2 pcs)₱ 130
Fried Chicken Gunkan (2 pcs)₱ 130


Salmon Trio (3 pcs)₱ 300
Kanikama Trio (3 pcs)₱ 270
Shrimp Trio (3 pcs)₱ 270
Gunkan Trio (3 pcs)₱ 270
genki sushi noodles

Noodles, Rice and Donburi

Shoyu Ramen₱ 300
Niku Udon₱ 440
Creamy Seafood Ramen₱ 390
Garlic Pepper Pork Ramen₱ 300
Kake Udon₱ 230
Shrimp Tempura Udon₱ 440
Beef Teriyaki Ramen₱ 300
Chirashi Don₱ 600
Gumoku Chahan₱ 230
Yakimeshi Chahan₱ 230
Gyudon₱ 390
Chicken Katsu Don₱ 300
Salmon Teriyaki Don₱ 470
Unadon₱ 500
Chicken Oyako Don₱ 300
Salmon Black Pepper Don₱ 470
Ebi Tempura Don₱ 360
Chicken Teriyaki Don₱ 300
Salmon Oyako Don₱ 680
Kitsune Udon₱ 280
Black Pepper Beef Don₱ 390
Pork Katsudon₱ 300
Spicy Pork Don₱ 300
Pork Teriyaki Don₱ 300
Black Pepper Chicken Don₱ 300
Waraji Katsudon₱ 300
Black Pepper Seafood Don₱ 360
Black Pepper Pork Don₱ 300


California Roll (4 pcs)₱ 210
Kanikama Roll (6 pcs)₱ 170
Shrimp Tempura Roll (3 pcs)₱ 190
Chicken Teriyaki Roll (3 pcs)₱ 190
Genki Roll (3 pcs)₱ 240
Lobster Salad Roll (3 pcs)₱ 230
Kyuri Unagi Roll (4 pcs)₱ 230
Spicy Double Salmon Roll (3 pcs)₱ 24 0
Spicy Tuna Roll (3 pcs)₱ 190
Fried Salmon Cheese Roll (3 pcs)₱ 220
Crispy Spicy Salmon Roll (3 pcs)₱ 210
Salmon Taberu Layu Roll (3 pcs)₱ 230
Tempura Tuna Salad Roll (3 pcs)₱ 190
Tempura Spam and Tamago Roll (3 pcs)₱ 190
Salmon Cucumber Roll (4 pcs)₱ 130
Salmon Roll (4 pcs)₱ 190
Tuna Roll (6 pcs)₱ 170
Tamago Roll (6 pcs)₱ 160
Dragon Roll (3 pcs)₱ 180
Cucumber Roll (6 pcs)₱ 100

Seared Nigiri

Seared Salmon Supreme Nigiri ₱210
Seared Salmon with Black Pepper Nigiri₱200
Seared Salmon with Pollock Roe Nigiri₱210
Seared Shrimp with Black Pepper Nigiri₱180
Seared Shrimp with Pollock Roe Nigiri₱190
Seared Grilled River Eel Nigiri₱200
Seared Shrimp Garlic Butter Nigiri₱180
Seared Kanikama with Black Pepper Nigiri₱180
Seared Tuna with Black Pepper₱170
Seared Cheese Shrimp Nigiri₱230
Seared Creamy Garlic Scallops₱260
Seared Premium Japanese Scallops with Pollock Roe₱270
Seared Kanikama with Pollock Roe₱190
Seared Tamago with Black Pepper₱180
Seared Tamago with Pollock Roe₱190
Seared Salmon Skin Nigiri₱160
Premium Grilled Salmon Belly Nigiri₱300

Side Order & Grilled

Garlic Butter Corn₱ 180
Cheese Croquette₱ 300
Salmon Croquette₱ 220
Buttered Corn₱ 140
Agedashi Tofu₱ 160
Tuna Balls with Teriyaki Sauce₱ 190
Fried Gyoza₱ 200
Fried Salmon Skin₱ 120
Fried Chicken₱ 200
Shrimp Tempura₱ 350
Vegetable Kakiage₱ 160
Fried Chicken with Pollock Roe₱ 200
Grilled Teriyaki Salmon Head₱ 280
French Fries₱ 120
Chicken Teriyaki Wings₱ 340
Grilled Garlic Butter Salmon Head₱ 280
Cheese Fries₱ 150
Garlic Butter Wings₱ 340
Grilled Salmon Belly₱ 380
French Fries with Pollock Roe₱ 170
Chicken Taberu Layu Wings₱ 340
Chicken Teriyaki Rice Burger₱ 160
Beef Rice Burger₱ 160


Chicken Katsudon Bento₱ 550
Shrimp Tempura Supreme₱ 780
Chicken Teriyaki Bento₱ 550
Black Pepper Chicken Bento₱ 550
Shrimp Tempura Bento₱ 500


Rare Japanese Cheesecake₱ 180
Strawberry Cheesecake₱ 220
Strawberry Ice Cream₱ 120
Strawberry Burst Ice Cream₱ 150
Mitarashi Dango₱ 180
Hanami Dango₱ 120
Green Tea Ice Cream₱ 120

Genki Sushi SM Aura Dining Experience

genki sushi sm aura

Located on the Lower Ground floor, Genki Sushi SM Aura is usually packed with diners during the weekends. So we visited during the weekday to avoid the crowds. Although there were still a lot of diners, it wasn’t as packed and made for a more peaceful dining experience.

Upon entering, we were immediately ushered to a vacant table and given a menu (on a board) to make reading easier since the font size on the tablet was a bit on the small side. I was planning to order makimono and sashimi but after seeing the dishes in the Promotions section, we went ahead and ordered a Shrimp Tempura Bento and Shrimp Tempura Udon. Both came with free Rare Japanese Cheesecake.

Because we ordered Tempura, it took longer to be served than the sushi on other tables. And if you’re ordering the same thing, don’t expect your food to be delivered via the train system. Among our orders, only the Japanese cheesecake was delivered using the Kousoku Express. I didn’t mind that but if you want the train experience, make sure you don’t order the food we had.

As for the food quality, the Tempura was piping hot and freshly cooked. The udon was good but I’m guessing that the “special broth” is more like shoyu. For toppings, it has kamaboko (fish cake), tempura flakes, and leeks.

The Tempura Bento came with a crabstick (Kani) salad, Salmon Nigiri, Tuna Balls with Teriyaki Sauce, and Miso Soup. It was all quite good except for the Nigiri which was quite disappointing because of the rice. It didn’t taste like Japanese sushi rice and crumbled as soon as I lifted it from the plate.

The bill was easy to see and request using the restaurant’s tablet but since my mom has a Senior ID, it took quite a while before our payment was processed.

Genki Sushi dine-in process

genki sushi bento shrimp tempura
  • Order your food via the touchscreen panel/tablet
  • While waiting for your food, you can make your matcha tea using the matcha powder provided and the hot water from the faucet (this is complimentary and unlimited)
  • A sound will signal the arrival of the train with your food
  • Make sure to take the plate only when the train stopped
  • Push the button to return the train to the kitchen after you get your food
  • Check your bill and request your bill using the touchscreen panel/tablet

Genki Sushi Bestsellers

  • Salmon Sashimi
  • California Roll
  • Ebi Tempura Don
  • Hana Sushi
  • Chicken Katsudon
  • Chuka Wakame
  • Grilled Salmon Belly
rare japanese cheesecake genki sushi dessert

Genki Sushi Philippines Locations/Branches:

  • One Ayala (Level 2)
  • BGC Stopover
  • U.P. Town Center
  • Ayala The 30th
  • SM North Edsa
  • SM Aura Premier
  • SM Megamall
  • Ayala Manila Bay
  • SM Baguio
  • SM Mall of Asia
  • SM Grand Central
  • Robinsons Magnolia
  • Gateway Mall 2

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