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How to apply for Turkey tourist visa in Qatar

how to apply for turkey tourist visa in qatar

As one of the transcontinental countries where East meets West, Turkey is also one of the most popular destinations in the world, especially its largest city Istanbul. As such, a lot of expats in the Middle East especially Gulf countries include it on their travel list. So to help you achieve your travel plans, here’s a guide on how to apply for Turkey Tourist Visa in Qatar for Filipinos and other nationalities!

Starting October 2016, VFS Global is the approved Turkey Visa Processing Centre in Qatar by the Turkish Embassy.

Do I need a tourist visa to visit Turkey?

For the purposes of tourism, Turkey issues the regular sticker visa as well as e-visa. You can check here if you want to know if your country of origin needs a tourist visa or e-visa to enter Turkey. Some nationalities are also allowed to enter Turkey just with their national I.D.

You can also check the visa policy of Turkey here, although it’s always better to go to the Republic of Turkey Ministry of Foreign Affairs website or the Consular Procedures website.

If you are a U.S. Citizen, see the update on visa information here. See also The Points Guy’s experience on getting a visa upon arrival after the e-visa services were suspended.

Turkey Tourist Visa Document Requirements for applicants in Qatar

Here are the list of requirements that you must have before setting an appointment at VFS Global for your Turkey Tourist Visa: (click on the + for more details)

Valid passport
Copy of passport's data page
Visa application form
Recent biometric photograph
Valid residence permit
Sponsor letter
Letter of invitation
Hotel and flight reservations
Financial status document
Valid health insurance

how to apply turkey tourist visa for Filipinos in Qatar

Photo specifications for Turkey Visa

Your photograph should be 50×60 mm with white background and not older than 6 months. The face should be minimum of 31 mm and maximum of 36 mm. The photograph should show your face clearly with neutral expression and without the hair tucked behind the ear. You can check here for more Turkey Visa Application Photograph Specifications.

Where to download Visa Application Form

You can download the Turkey Visa Application form at the MFA website or at the VFS Global website.

How to get Bank Certificate in Qatar

Just proceed to your local bank and request a bank certificate for 3 months. You only need to present your QID and Debit Card. The payment will be automatically deducted to your debit account. One month is 10 QAR (Commercial Bank rate). After printing the bank certificate (with stamp), you’re good to go.

Where to get valid health insurance

There are a lot of companies in Qatar where you can get your travel insurance, like AXA or QIC. But for less hassle, we were advised by friends in Darwish Holidays to get our travel insurance right at the VFS Global office care of Mannai Holidays. It is on the left side inside the visa application centre. We paid 70 QAR for 11 days.

Turkey Tourist Visa Application Requirements for Minors

Aside from the requirements stated above, here are the additional documents needed if you’ll be traveling with minors:

  • If traveling unaccompanied by parent(s), consent letter signed by both parents and applicant
  • form signed by both parents
  • copy of the parent(s)’ passports data page

how to apply turkey tourist visa from qatar

How to Apply for Turkey Tourist Visa in Qatar

As mentioned above, VFS Global is the Turkey Embassy approved Turkey Visa Application Centre in Qatar. It is also where you’ll submit the documents required stated above. You can apply for a visa maximum of 60 days before your trip.

After completing all the required documents set an appointment to pass them to VFS Global. You can schedule the appointment after registering your new profile on their website.

You will be notified on their website what is the earliest date you can book an appointment. After filling up all the necessary information for the applicant (up to a maximum of 6 persons for group appointment), you can now proceed to choose your preferred date and time of appointment.

When I scheduled mine, the time range is in 30-minute intervals from 0900H to 1300H.

Print a copy of the appointment schedule and keep it together with your required documents.

As for the visa fees and service fee, VFS Global only accepts CASH. Take note that all fees are non-refundable.

Single Entry 219 QAR Service Fee 110 QAR Total: 329 QAR
Multiple Entry 730 QAR Service Fee 110 QAR Total: 840 QAR

On the day of your appointment, make sure to get there at least 15 minutes in advance. Turkey Visa Application Centre is in 301 (3rd floor, room 1) Jaidah Square. Inform the security your name and appointment time. If there are lots of applicants during that time, you may be asked to get a queue number. During the time that I applied, we were the only applicants there so there was no need to queue.

After submitting our complete documents and paying for the visa and service fees, we were given the receipt with the Reference number. The officer informed us that processing time is approximately 7 – 10 working days (although in an earlier email 15 working days was the indicated processing time, depending on the embassy).

After this, you can track your application via their website by using the reference number. Then proceed back to the VFS Global Turkey Visa Application Centre when your passports are ready.

Turkey Visa Application Centre Doha, Qatar

Contact number: +974 4037 0014


Submission Timing: 0900H – 1600H (Sun – Thu except public holidays)

Decision/Passport Collection: 1600H – 1700H (Sun – Thu except public holidays)

Other services offered by VFS Global include SMS Alert Service, Courier Service, Printing, and Photocopy.

For Ramadan Working Hours and more information, check

How to Apply for Turkey e-Visa (online Visa)

Getting an e-visa is so fast and easy as per the Turkey MFA, you can finish it within 3 minutes as long as you have your valid travel document (passport) and valid credit or debit card.

See the video below for more info on the 3 step process:

For more information on the Turkey e-visa before you apply online, check out the information here and here at the e-visa portal run by the Republic of Turkey Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Check for e-visa fees here or at the Apply button.

As for Filipinos, we can only apply for the 30-day single entry e-visa if you have the following valid visa or residence permit already: Schengen, USA, Ireland, or the UK. Visa Fee is 20 USD. Applicant must also prove that a return ticket, hotel reservation, and minimum of 50 USD per day is available.

Do take note that when filling up your details, that everything matches on your passport, or else you would have to re-apply and pay again for another e-visa!

If you have inquiries regarding the process or any relevant issue, you contact the Turkey Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Disclaimer: I only applied for the Turkey Tourist Visa (sticker) and not the e-visa. I’m also not affiliated with VFS Global and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs so if you have any questions not covered by their INFO and FAQ pages, best to email them directly. 😉

Photo credits (CC0 Creative Commons): 1-Pixabay | 2-Unsplash | 3-Pixabay

Do watch out for my Turkey travel series here on the blog!

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  • Agness of e Tramping
    November 22, 2017 at 9:23 pm

    This is a very practical and useful guide, Darlene. I will make sure to share your post with my friends who have been asking me about the visa process in Turkey 😉

    • Darlene
      November 28, 2017 at 10:18 pm

      Thank you, Agness! Glad you found this guide useful! 🙂

  • Jmaxbackpacker
    November 3, 2017 at 9:18 pm

    Hey Darlene, The last news I have heard is that US and Turkey have suspended their visa services with each other due to some diplomatic incident last October. So I am not sure whether Turkey stilm honors E Visa for US Visa holders. So better for the readers to email the consulate.

    • Darlene
      November 4, 2017 at 6:18 pm

      Yup, I heard the news. E-visa services for US citizens are suspended. But no news from the Turkey government whether they are not honoring US Visa as a prerequisite to getting an e-visa for other nationalities. I am always on the lookout for updates, though.