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5 interesting attractions in Palm Springs

California, USA – Palm Springs is an ideal location to plan a great weekend. After all, it is one of the rare sites where one gets the perfect combination of stunning scenery and great weather. Moreover, there is plenty to do and see here in the surrounding communities, and this is what makes it a popular holiday haunt for the locals as well as the tourists. There are some attractions in Palm Springs to keep visitors engaged as they browse through a wide range of choice of activities. The best part is that the villa in Palm Springs offers the ideal choice for lodgings as they are affordable and most comfortable. Explore gardens to museums, enjoy outdoor events and have a look at famous sights, in this beautiful desert city in California!

Some of the great places and events to enjoy in Palm Springs are:

  1. Palm Canyon Drive

Situated about 6 miles south of downtown Palm Springs, Palm Canyon is 15-mile long wilderness, with an oasis with a creek and amazing waterfalls. Those Fan palm trees add color and life to the barren surroundings. It is here you will come across city’s major attractions. There are several museums, and galleries on Palm Canyon Drive and some top attractions are the Palm Springs Historical Society, Aqua Caliente Cultural Museum, and Cornelia White House. This is a great spot to start exploring Palm Springs!

Other exciting areas include names such Ruddy’s General Store, Welwood Murray Memorial Library, and Palm Canyon Theatre. You can enjoy a diversity of international cuisines such as Japanese, French, Italian, and Mexican in the restaurants. Get a close look at the canyon via a trail that leads through the palms. One can always take the longer path if they are feeling more adventurous.

2. Palm Springs Art Museum

Palm Springs Art Museum, was established in 1938 and is located on the North Museum Drive, is devoted to performing arts, regional art, and natural science. Spread across 10,000 square foot facility, the art facially has expanded further to include several new galleries and an auditorium. Exploring the museum is one of the most popular activities in the Palm Springs, and the art lovers can spend hours here. Browse through the collection of, art glass, and sculptures in contemporary style. The collection in the natural science contains items from archaeology, geology, and biology. Catch some of the music, dance, and theater performances being held in the museum.

3. Indian Canyons

Indian Canyons, populated by Indians in the earlier times are complex and settled in the Murray, Andreas, Chino, Palm and Tahquitz Canyons. Visitors love looking at the remnants of the Indian way of life, and how they grew beans, squash, melons, and corn, as well as other seeds and plants for food and medicines. The canyons are just perfect for exploring on horseback or foot. One can picnic by the stream and look at Indian arts and crafts Trading Post in Palm Canyon or stop for food, drinks, and maps.

palm springs california indian canyon

4. Palm Springs Tramway

Palm Springs Tramway is immensely popular with the locals and the travelers. Said to be the world’s largest rotating tramcar, this is a great way if looking for some change of scenery. Made in 1963, get ready to enjoy the 2.5-mile ride that lasts for 10 minutes and will take you from Valley Station till the Mountain Station. This is the most convenient gateway to get a panoramic view of the San Jacinto and Santa Rosa mountains.

If in a mood to go hiking or camping, you can always take a guided nature walk. During winters, one can enjoy a broad range of different adventures such as skiing and surfing. If hungry, dine at Pines Café that serves sandwiches, pizza, soup, or salad. Go well prepared as the temperature can be cooler up here, even in summer and there is likely to be snow in the winter. Take one of the hiking trails that lead off from the station and walk through the well-populated pine forests.

5. Palm Springs Village Fest

Do not miss the street fair that is held every Thursday night in downtown Palm Springs. There is loads of art, entertainment, food, and shopping to enjoy. The shops remain open until late and some interesting items one can shop for include antiques, beautiful art, handcrafted items, and crafts. Not to miss are the food vendors selling delicious foods!  Of course, you can also enjoy performances from a variety of entertainers, instrumentalists, solo and group singers.

Every time you go to the fest, you are sure to get a new experience. Thousands of visitors arrive here each week for the Village Fest. There is great street entertainment out in the open that one can enjoy till late hours. Thursday is the new Friday here, and the desert city takes on a new face every Thursday, because of the weekly street fair. The fest, which first began in 1991 draws an increasing number of people downtown. Today, more than 200 vendors gather here to sell their products. Enjoy homemade pizza, sandwiches, and brownies in the warm atmosphere, which lasts from 6 to 10 p.m

attractions palm springs california

There are several more attractions to explore in the desert, and there is something for everyone here. Whether you are a solo traveler, or with friends or are traveling with your family, Palm Springs will keep you entertained as it provides a number of outdoor and indoor attractions such as Elvis Honeymoon Hideaway, Moorten Botanical Garden, Coachella Valley Preserve, Living Desert Zoo and Gardens and more.

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