Jewel Food Court: Changi Airport Singapore (Food Republic)

Is there a food court inside Jewel Changi? Yes, there is! Operated by Food Republic, the hawker-style food court can be found at the Basement 2 Level of Jewel Changi Airport. Jewel is a world-renowned destination inside Changi Airport Singapore that has been attracting visitors from all over the world since its opening in 2019. The entertainment and retail complex is a destination in itself, offering a wide range of activities and experiences.

Jewel is also a foodie paradise, with a diverse selection of food and beverage outlets. One of the popular dining options in Jewel Changi is the food court, also known as Food Republic.

Jewel Changi Food Court

Although inspired by the famed hawker centers of Singapore, the food court’s interiors match its theme with the modernity of Jewel Changi.

Food Republic Jewel’s food stalls are lined up around the corners of the space. Some of the popular food options include traditional Singaporean dishes such as laksa and Hainanese chicken rice, as well as international favorites like Japanese and Korean dishes. Vegetarian and halal options are also available.

Food Republic Jewel Food Stalls:

  • Odeon Beef Noodles
  • Odeon Fish Noodles Sliced Fish Thick Bee
  • Hoon, Fried Sliced Fish Thick Bee Hoon, Sliced Fish Steamboat with Rice, Fried Sliced Fish Steamboat with Rice)
  • Yan Fu Mini Wok Zhi Char
  • Devil’s Chilli Mala Hot Pot
  • East Coast Lagoon Prawn Noodles
  • Huat Huat BBQ Chicken Wings
  • You Men HK Roast
  • Bounce Fishball Noodles Halal
  • Padang Lazet by Java Kitchen
  • 109 Yong Tau Foo
  • Fan Fan Claypot Rice & Herbal Bak Kut Teh
  • Nasi Ayam Taman Serasi
  • J Japanese & Korean Cuisine
  • Monster Western Halal (Hainanese
  • Chicken Chop, Garlic Chicken Pasta, Ramly Burger)
  • Homemade Noodles Formosa Delight
  • Mala Hot Pot
  • Shen Xi Imperial Soup (Signature Fish Maw Pig Stomach Chicken Soup, HK Signature Pork Trotters, Signature Fish Maw Pig Stomach Chicken Soup)
  • Haig Road Putu Piring (Kueh Tutu)
  • Taiwanese Cuisine (Chicken Cutlet & Braised Pork Rice Bento Set, Lu Rou Fan)
  • Warung Kampung
  • Shi Zi Tou Chinese Cuisine Grilled Fish and Chestnut Chicken Rice Bowl)
  • Hot & Cold

Ambiance and Seating

Upon entering, visitors are greeted by a spacious and well-it environment that is both inviting and modern. The overall ambiance is lively, yet comfortable, with plenty of seating options to choose from.

The seating arrangements at Jewel Changi Food Court are designed to accommodate a variety of group sizes and preferences. Big groups and families can have a more communal dining experience at the long, shared tables.

Dining Experience

After reaching the lowest level of Jewel, it was easy to find Food Republic thanks to the signage.

Although the dining area was already crowded when we arrived, we still managed to snag a table for the whole family.

Ordering food is also pretty straightforward. You just have to choose a food stall, choose a food item, and pay using a card or cash. Some food stalls will give you a buzzer that will vibrate once your food is ready while some will shout your receipt number.

We ended up getting Satay, Roast Pork, Roast Duck, Bok Choy, and Wantan Noodles.

Like hawker centers, it’s Clean As You Go so make sure you bring your trays and empty dishes to the designated area.

Operational Details

Opening Hours

The Jewel Changi Food Court is open daily.

The operating hours for Monday to Friday are from 07:30 am to 10:00 pm and 07:30 am to 11:00 pm on Saturday and Sunday.

Peak Times

The food court tends to be busiest during lunch and dinner, especially on weekends and public holidays. Visitors may experience longer wait times during these peak periods, so it is advisable to plan accordingly.

Location and Accessibility

Jewel Changi Food Republic is conveniently located within Jewel Changi, connected to one of the world’s best airports – Changi Airport.

This makes it easily accessible to both locals and tourists alike.


Visitors can take the elevator or escalator located near the Arrival Hall of Terminals 1, 2, or 3 to get to Jewel Changi’s food court.

Alternatively, they can take the Skytrain from Terminal 2 or 3 to Jewel Changi Airport.

The food court is located on Basement Level 2 of Jewel Changi Airport, easily accessible by following the signs.

Nearby Entertainment, Attractions and Amenities

Jewel Changi Airport also offers a variety of entertainment and attractions, including the stunning indoor waterfall, the Canopy Park, and the Changi Experience Studio. Visitors can enjoy these attractions before or after dining at the food court.

Overall, Jewel Changi Food Court offers more than just great food. Visitors can enjoy free Wi-Fi, convenient charging stations, nearby shopping options, and various entertainment and attractions.

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