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Loboc River Resort Review: Unique Secluded Haven in Bohol

Deep in the heart of Loboc River lies a secluded haven unlike the touristy resorts on the other side of Bohol. Facing the placid green waters of Bohol’s most famous river is where you will find your piece of serenity amidst the lush green surroundings. Loboc River Resort’s offer of tranquility will surely entice you into staying here when you visit Bohol, Philippines.

Loboc River Resort: Booking and Check-in

We booked a month before our stay and found that it was almost full except for the Forest View Villa. Understandable because the dates we chose were around Christmas time. We really wanted to experience the resort so we booked it anyway.

We opted not to arrange for airport transfer and instead chose to hire a taxi/private car to take us to the resort. Loboc River Resort is around 25 km (approx. 40 mins) away from Tagbilaran airport.

Only when you arrive at the resort would you truly understand how secluded it is. Surrounded by tropical greenery with farm animals freely walking around.

The reception was welcoming, providing us with welcome drinks and cold towels upon check-in. From the reception, you’ll see the souvenir shop (just beside it), the restaurant (Venia’s Kitchen), the villas, and lots of trees.

in front of loboc river resort's reception

Loboc River Resort: Forest View Villa

Because we were so tired from the overnight bus trip from Baguio to the airport, we went straight to our Forest View Villa. The wooden cottages are on stilts and connected by wooden walkways. Already, I was loving the rustic ambiance.

Loboc River Resort Forest View Villa Bohol


credit: http://www.lobocriverresort.com/rooms/

Our villa also has its own veranda and was pleased to see that our room is quite spacious. It was simple and understated, using a lot of wood and natural materials. The toilet and bathroom are quite roomy as well especially the shower area.

There’s also plenty of space for clothes on the dresser and a long desk is also provided. TV with cable, complimentary water, toiletries, hairdryer, and a guidebook about the property and Bohol is also available.

After a long nap, we walked around the property and checked out the River View Villas. It definitely had the advantage over the other rooms in this property. I would have loved to stay there and sit facing the river.

The resort offers a free walking tour of the property and monkey-feeding activity. The guide led us beyond the pool area and to a hut beside this small body of water.

We were all wondering where the monkeys are when one of the resort staff crossed to the other side using a small boat and whistled. For a few seconds, nothing was happening. Until we saw the monkeys jumping from tree to tree. The staff then put the bananas and bread on the pedestals before the monkeys arrived. All too soon, they were fighting each other who’ll get the most food.

Check out this video for a quick glimpse of Loboc River Resort as well as the macaque monkeys on the property. 🙂

Loboc River Resort: Venia’s Kitchen

We decided to have an early dinner at the resort’s restaurant and bar called Venia’s Kitchen. It provided an amazing view of the river and the neighborhood on the other side.

Loboc River Resort Bohol Venia's Kitchen

Our grilled squid was good enough and was reasonably priced. We also selected our choice of breakfast for the following morning before calling it a night.

Complimentary breakfast had a good serving size, served with fresh fruits and fried sweet potatoes.
We didn’t get to try the other menu items in Venia’s Kitchen because we opted to try the restaurants in Panglao and Tagbilaran.

Loboc River Resort Venia's Kitchen Complimentary Breakfast

Loboc River Resort: Other Amenities and Features

We also tried their in-room massage and found the service to be really enjoyable and relaxing. The masseuse used the traditional hilot style.

The staff also kindly arranged for us to get a scooter. But too bad they gave me a helmet with a broken strap. And they said they can’t replace it with another one.

If you don’t want to do a packaged tour and rent your own van to go around Bohol, I recommend that you rent your own scooter or motorbike to go around. It has proven really useful for us.

outdoor swimming pool at loboc river resort bohol

Too bad we didn’t get a chance to try the outdoor swimming pool. All the time we were there I’ve never seen it empty except once. There was always a few guests swimming or lounging around.

Another recommended activity that we also didn’t get to try was the Firefly Watching. You can book from the reception as this activity starts at a specific time.

Other water activities include boat rental, kayaking, and Stand Up water paddling.

Where else to go in Bohol: Chocolate Hills Adventure Park

I really enjoyed our 2 nights stay at Loboc River Resort. The staff was friendly and quite helpful with our needs. Indeed, staying here feels like you’re on jungle retreat or on a farm in the province. Definitely my cup of tea for rest and relaxation away from the tourists and the city. I recommend this remote and rustic eco-resort for nature lovers and for those who want a peaceful and relaxing stay amidst tropical greenery for their vacation.

Proximity to other Bohol attractions:

Chocolate Hills Adventure Park – 31 km

Chocolate Hills – 33 km

Philippine Tarsier Sanctuary – 16 km

Man-made Forest – 13 km

Loboc River Cruise – 2.6 km

Panglao Island – 30 km

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Darlene is currently on the road again and traveling full-time after being an expat/overseas Filipino worker in Qatar. She's rediscovering what it means to travel solo and in her 30s while working on her blogs.


  • Your photos are absolutely beautiful and what a cool little video! Glad I found your blog from Instagram. Time to add this to my bucket list.


  • A lot of my friends from CouchSurfing – locals and foreigners – have been going to and around Bohol a lot lately. I’ll definitely mention them of this place. 🙂 I’m definitely sure that this place is something that my friends from EU will surely like.

  • Looks like a really relaxing place. Too bad you didn’t had the chance to try the pool because it relay is a nice looking one. I’m glad that overall you enjoyed your staying. I’m always searching for some nice places to stay in. 🙂

  • It is also my cup of tea. I love their rooms regardless of at times there are plenty of mosquitos but it won’t matter at all. Their food is actually true tastes really good.

  • Christina

    This resort sounds like the perfect base for exploring the area. I didn’t realize there was so much to do around Loboc!

  • Yes! I’ve been in this place before and I so enjoyed it. Isn’t it perfect? Travelling just feels amazing. Happy you enjoyed uour trip!

  • I’m wondering how the Firefly Watching go. I would like to avail that in case I’ll be there someday. I love firefly when I was young and I was still amazed by their beauty until now.

  • We went to Loboc River when I toured Bohol years ago. But I didn’t know then that there is this resort. Or maybe, this resort was not yet built at that time. Gives me another potential option when I bring my family to my dad’s hometown.

  • That view in Venia’s Kitchen made my heart stop for a moment. I love restaurants that offer relaxing views and make you feel one with nature. Anyway, seems like you had a good stay in Bohol. We usually backpack and choose inexpensive homestays but I’ll probably take note of this as well just in case.

  • Ooooooh! They have a lot of activities that you can do! So curious about the firefly watching, it’s like the scene from Dolce Amore (I think) and also similar to the lanterns scene in Tangled. From the photos, it felt like paradise. 🙂

  • Looks like a great resort! Thanks for the tip! Planning to visit Bohol soon.

  • Ooh memories! Hahaha…

    You stayed in a much nicer place than I did when I went to Bohol. I wouldn’t even recommend the place where I stayed But Loboc River Resort, I love its rustic vibe. How much is it per night?

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  • I have been in Bohol once but not in the city part. It is somewhere north. Anyway, I haven’t heard so much about Bohol but a friend from the said island once told me that there are so many great places to see and visit. It had not got much exposure yet since people are too busy digging for those known ones. If given the chance to visit one day, I’ll include this on my list!

  • wow, this is such a great place, a perfect paradise to stay in Summer.. i think i will go for that monkey feeding part… it seems so fun yet quite scary.. it actually reminds me of documentary video below, an island that is mainly occupied by monkeys
    anyway, thanks for sharing your adventure with us.. will definitely include this one on my bucket list

  • The place sounds like a good place to stay. I personally like the view from the restaurant looking at your photos. We have not been to Bohol and we’ll definitely consider this place someday.

  • Looks like a peaceful place! It’s good to sometimes get out of the city and relax with a beautiful scenery.

  • This is a a tranquil place and seems ideal to just chill and be one with nature, and as you mentioned, it is not the touristy kind, it would be great for some calm and privacy too. I am fascinated by the firefly watching, would love to try that!

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