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Ocean Park Hong Kong guide, sample itinerary, tips (2024)

Is Ocean Park Hong Kong worth visiting and why is it famous? Aside from the sights and the food, a lot of tourists also go to Hong Kong usually to shop or go to a theme park or both. One of the most popular attractions in Asia’s World City is Ocean Park Hong Kong where nature appreciation and entertainment are rolled into one. A favorite of families, couples, and friends!

The main reason I wanted to go to Ocean Park was to see the Giant Panda. And the penguins too! I find these creatures so fascinating and I know that it will be a long time before I saw either in the wild so we allotted one day in our Hong Kong trip just to enjoy Ocean Park Hong Kong.

About Ocean Park Hong Kong 香港海洋公園

The theme park located in the southern part of Hong Kong is one of the places you can visit in Hong Kong.

Aside from marine animals, visitors will also get to see animals from Asia and other parts of the world like the Giant Panda and penguins. There are also lots of thrill rides and entertainment shows to choose from.

There’s even a section dedicated to Old Hongkong during the ’50s to ’70s where a vintage tram is also exhibited.

The theme park is divided into two – Waterfront and the Summit. And you can go between the two sides via cable car, train, or an outdoor elevator. The park sits on 915 sqm of land.

Aside from being a theme park, Ocean Park Hong Kong is also said to be an international conservation center and is certified under the Humane Conservation program. Like other marine parks and aquariums, it also had its fair share of criticism regarding the treatment of animals and its efforts regarding conservation and education on animal life.


How to get to Ocean Park Hong Kong

If you don’t have your own car, you can take public transportation to reach Ocean Park Hong Kong through the following options:

  • MTR

You can take the MTR South Island Line and embark on the Ocean Park Station. Check ticket fare and ride duration here.

  • BUS

You can also take the bus from Hong Kong Island, Kowloon, or New Territories but in my opinion, taking the train would be easier and less hassle. To know which buses you need to take, check here.

*NOTE: You can pay for MTR or bus tickets using the Octopus Card


Ocean Park Hong Kong Tickets (Entrance Fee)

Here are your options on where you can buy your tickets:

  • Main Entrance – Make sure to get to the park before 9:30 AM to avoid the long queue
  • 7-Eleven – You can buy electronic tickets from all 7-Eleven stores in Hong Kong. Tickets are valid for at least one month.
  • OnlineOcean Park Website | Klook

How much is the entrance fee for HK Ocean Park? (2024)

  • General Admission (adult – aged 12 and above) – HK$498 (one day)
  • General Admission (child – aged 3 to 11) – HK$249 (one day) – must be accompanied by an adult
  • Free admission – child under 3 years old
  • Ocean FasTrack Standard – HK$320
  • Ocean FasTrack Pro – HK$580

Check out KLOOK for Ocean Park Hong Kong ticket promotions and discounts:


Is Ocean Park ticket free on your birthday?

Yes. However, this is only applicable to Hong Kong residents. According to the park management, “The free birthday admission offer for Hong Kong residents is valid on the visitor’s exact birthday and applicable to the Park’s operating days only. Other than eligible postponements as specified by the Park, the date of this offer cannot be changed nor can the offer be accumulated or reissued.”

Hong Kong residents may simply present their Hong Kong identifying documents or Hong Kong Birth certificates to enjoy free daytime admission on their birthday.

Ocean Park Opening Hours

The park is open from 10 AM to 7 PM depending on schedule. The Summit closes at 5:30 pm.

Ocean Park Hong Kong Rides

  • Arctic Blast
  • Crazy Galleon
  • Flying Swing
  • Hair Raiser
  • Rev Booster
  • The Flash
  • The Rapids
  • Whirly Bird
  • Wild Twister

Ocean Park Hong Kong Map

Image source: Ocean Park Hong Kong

What to see and do – One day inside Ocean Park Hong Kong

With a sprawling 91 million sqm, you won’t be able to see and do everything in just one day. So to help you decide what to include in your Ocean Park itinerary, here are the attractions and entertainment available.

The Waterfront

ocean park hong kong grand aquarium

This will be the area you’ll get to explore after getting inside Ocean Park. Should you wish to stay first in this area, you can start your day by visiting Aqua City.

With over 5,000 fish from over 400 species, you won’t run out of animals to gawk at the Grand Aquarium. We had loads of fun watching the octopus, lionfish, seahorses, sharks, and schools of different fish. It was a very good peek at how diverse and colorful the underwater world is.

After that, head to Hong Kong Jockey Club Sichuan Treasures where you’ll get to meet a Giant Panda along with the Golden Monkeys.

If you aren’t tired of seeing animals yet, pass by Adventures in Australia where you’ll get to see Koalas, Wallabies, and Kookaburras!

old hong kong st ocean park

If you have kids with you, Sea Life Carousel is just nearby or you can head straight to Old Hong Kong and have a blast from the past 50s to 70s. This is the area where you need to go if you want to take the cable car going up to the Summit.

If you aren’t ready to go up yet, head towards Amazing Asian Animals especially the Giant Panda Adventure where you’ll get to see Giant Panda and Red Panda. It was a dream come true for me, as I have always wanted to see the adorable Giant Panda even behind a glass. I was grateful to have seen Jia Jia, a Guinness World record holder for being the oldest living Giant Panda in captivity before she passed away that same year.

giant panda jia jia ocean park

In this area, you’ll also get to see other animals such as goldfish (Goldfish Treasures), otters (Panda Village), Chinese Alligators (Gator Marsh), birds (Amazing Bird Theatre), and Chinese salamanders (Giant Panda Adventure).

goldfish treasures ocean park hong kong

Further towards the deep water bay is Whiskers Harbour where the young ones can go on rides such as Merry-Go-Round, Clown A Round, Balloons Up-Up-and-Away, Frog Hopper, and Toto the Loco. Playgrounds are also available.

cable car to summit ocean park

Either take the Cable Car or the Ocean Express to get to The Summit. We took the Cable Car going up and were rewarded with views of the park then the lush greenery and the waters until we saw the rides at The Summit.

The Summit

ocean park hong kong whirly bird

Grownups looking forward to thrills better head to Thrill Mountain first where you’ll scream at the top of your lungs while aboard rides such as the rollercoaster Hair Raiser and The Flash. Other rides include the Whirly Bird, Rev Booster, and Bumper Blaster.

If you’re a fan of the Happy Feet movies, head towards Polar Adventure where you’ll see different species of penguins at the South Pole Spectacular. Up the fun by visiting during their feeding times. You can also see walruses (North Pole Encounter) and Arctic Fox (Arctic Fox Den) or ride the Arctic Blast.

the rapids ocean park

Be prepared to get wet at The Rapids located in the Rainforest. You’ll ride in a raft along with 8 other people (max) and go on a ride through the different terrain inside the “jungle”.

If you’re still looking for more thrill and adventure, head towards Marine World where rides such as The Abyss and The Dragon are located.  Other rides include the spinning Eagle, the swinging Crazy Galleon, Ferris Wheel, and Flying Swing.

ocean park the abyss ferris wheel south china sea

Take in the panoramic views of Ocean Park and surrounding Hong Kong islands atop the Ocean Park Tower or be amazed by the often misunderstood sharks at the Shark Mystique exhibit.

You can also spot seals and sea lions from the Pacific Pier, watch thousands of fluorescent jellies at the Sea Jelly Spectacular, or head to the Ocean Theatre for the daily shows.

sea lions ocean park hong kong

If you still aren’t tired yet, go on the world’s second-longest outdoor escalator to Adventure Land where the first VR coaster in Hong Kong can be found – the Mine Train! Raging Rapids is another chance to get wet while on a ride so be ready with your waterproof jacket or change of clothes.

Head back to Thrill Mountain to ride on the Ocean Park Express. The 4-minute and 1.3-kilometer ride can take up to 5,000 people per hour from Waterfront to Summit (or vice-versa).

Stay until 8:00 PM to watch the world’s first 360-degree water screen show at the Aqua City Lagoon. Symbio is a 15-minute multimedia show about two dragons. This show is very impressive and for me, it is more worth it to watch than the light and sound show at Victoria Harbour.

symbio ocean park

Where to eat | Restaurants inside Ocean Park

There are lots of dining options both at the Waterfront and Summit. You can choose from the different restaurants and food kiosks based on your taste and budget.

Restaurants located on the Waterfront: Ginger Grill, Club Panda, Neptune’s Restaurant, Lakeside Chill Bar, Aqua City Bakery

Restaurants located at the Summit: Cafe Ocean, Terrace Cafe, The Bayview Restaurant, Tuxedos Restaurant

Payment options for restaurants: Visa, Master, AE, Union, Apple Pay, Android Pay, Alipay, or Cash. Octopus Card is accepted at Aqua City Bakery, Panda Cafe, The Bayview and Cafe Ocean. There is a 10% service charge at the following restaurants: Tuxedos, Neptune’s, and Terrace Cafe.

We ate at The Bayview Restaurant for lunch because the discounted tickets that we got during the travel expo also included food vouchers. We had another voucher for the main course but I forgot it so we used the Afternoon Tea Set voucher instead (also applicable at Panda Cafe).

What we got was nothing like the picture on the voucher though. But at least, we got a small Haagen Dazs ice cream. The restaurant was still packed even though we ate at around 3 PM and had to get a number for queueing to be seated.

bayview restaurant from cable car
Tip: Choose a seat in the back area that faces the cable cars. Vegetarian and Indian food is also available at The Bayview.

Before the light and sound show, we also ate at the Aqua City Bakery. HKD38 for one chocolate eclair.

Expect to pay higher prices for bottled water. Halal food is available at Club Panda.

Ocean Park Roller Coaster

There are currently two (2) roller coasters at Ocean Park for you to enjoy: Arctic Blast and Hair Raiser

  • Arctic Blast (Summit – Polar Adventure) – For ages 4 and above, this snow-themed roller coaster will have you and the kids riding against a Polar backdrop.
  • Hair Raiser (Summit – Thrill Mountain) – Floorless loop roller coaster located near the South China Sea hurtling you at top speeds of 88 km/hr. Not for the faint-hearted!
hair raiser roller coaster ocean park hong kong

Water World Ocean Park Hong Kong

This seaside water park features 27 indoor and outdoor attractions including nine state-of-the-art water slides in five fun-filled zones.

There is a free Shuttle Bus directly from Ocean Park’s Main Entrance, connecting to the Water World in just 15 minutes.


Ocean Park Hong Kong Sample Itinerary

This was our itinerary when we visited. Don’t forget to snag a map by the entrance!

  • 10 AM – Entrance
  • Grand Aquarium
  • Giant Panda Adventure
  • Goldfish Treasures
  • Old Hong Kong
  • Cable Car to Summit
  • Polar Adventure
  • Late lunch at Bayview Restaurant
  • The Rapids
  • Hair Raiser
  • Pacific Pier
  • Sea Jelly Spectacular
  • Ocean Park Express
  • Symbio at Aqua City Lagoon

Sample itinerary for families with young kids until 11 yrs old

  • 10 AM – Entrance
  • Grand Aquarium
  • Hong Kong Jockey Club Sichuan Treasures
  • Adventures in Australia
  • Sea Life Carousel
  • Giant Panda Adventure
  • Amazing Bird Theatre
  • Goldfish Treasures
  • Panda Village
  • Gator Marsh
  • Whiskers Harbour rides
  • Old Hong Kong
  • Cable Car to Summit
  • Lunch
  • Bumper Blaster/Rev Booster
  • Polar Adventure + Arctic Blast
  • Ferris Wheel
  • Shark Mystique
  • Sea Jelly Spectacular
  • Pacific Pier
  • Ocean Theatre
  • Ocean Park Tower
  • Flying Swing
  • Ocean Express Summit Station

Feel free to customize your itinerary based on your family’s choice of attractions and your energy level. 🙂

Tips for visiting

What to pack and bring | What to wear:

Always consider the weather when packing or considering what to wear during your trip to Ocean Park. Also, some rides like The Rapids will get you wet so bring a change of shirt or bring a waterproof jacket.

Footwear choice is very important as you will spend the whole day walking.

Pack items that will help protect you from the sun or rain like a folding umbrella, cap, sunscreen, sunglasses, or foldable jacket.

Prohibited items include dangerous and hazardous objects as well as food and drinks.

cable car to summit from bayview restaurant
view from Bayview restaurant

Best time to visit | Best day to visit: 

For almost any theme park, the best days to visit would be during weekdays since weekends including Fridays attract more customers. Take note of the holidays as those dates also bring in more people.

If you want to go during the chilly weather, plan your trip for December to February.

Visiting during the rainy season

Depending on how severe the rains are, some rides can be closed by the management for safety reasons.

We visited during the wet season and although there were scattered light rain showers during the day, it didn’t deter us from enjoying the park. July to September are usually the months that see rain and typhoons.

stuffed toy panda ocean park souvenirs
There are gift shops in every area where you can buy your Ocean Park souvenirs.

Other tips

  • Go before the gate opens around 9:30 AM so you can maximize your day and avoid the queue due to the tour groups.
  • Ocean Park offers Free WiFi coverage.
  • Selfie sticks/monopods are allowed.

Where to stay: Ocean Park Hong Kong Hotels

If you want to stay inside Ocean Park, there are two hotels to choose from:

Hong Kong Ocean Park Marriott Hotel

Source: https://www.facebook.com/HongKongOceanParkMarriottHotel

A few steps away from the entrance is the nature-inspired 5-star hotel that will be the perfect accommodation for your Ocean Park vacation.

The Fullerton Ocean Park Hotel Hong Kong

Source: https://www.facebook.com/fullertonoceanpark

Overlooking the South China Sea, this is the first Fullerton hotel in Hong Kong and the first Fullerton resort worldwide. The resort is adjacent to the Water World Ocean Park.

Hong Kong – Ocean Park vs Disneyland

If you have limited time and you’re having a hard time choosing between the two most popular theme parks in Hong Kong, here are some points to help you make a decision.

Ocean Park Hong Kong

  • rides for young kids to adults are available
  • thrill rides
  • educational marine shows & exhibits
  • walk-through aquariums
  • 360 degrees water screen show during closing (with light, sound, fire, and fireworks)
  • cable car and a train connecting the two areas
  • 2 Ocean Park hotels slated to open (Marriott and Fullerton)

Hong Kong Disneyland

  • kid-centric rides
  • Meet and greet Disney characters
  • 1 thrill ride (roller coaster)
  • daily parade and performances
  •  fireworks show during the closing
  • Disney-inspired food and souvenirs
  • 3 Disney hotels on site

Ocean Park Information

  • Ticket Prices (as of June 2019): HKD 498 (ages 12 and above) | HKD 249 (ages 3 – 11)
  • FasTrack (priority access) prices: HKD 280 (7 rides/attractions) | HKD 380 (all)
  • Location: Wong Chuk Hang, Hong Kong Island
  • Annual Special events: Halloween, Chinese New Year, Christmas & New Year
  • Social media: Facebook | Instagram | Youtube

More on Hong Kong:

Do you like going to theme parks? What do you think of Ocean Park Hong Kong? 


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