Al Wakrah Family Beach Qatar

Al Wakrah Family Beach Qatar: BBQ + sunrise

Because of its proximity to Doha, Al Wakra Municipality Family Beach is one of the popular beaches for families in Qatar. Visiting this beach is also one of the things to do when you visit Al Wakrah.

In 2022, it was renovated before the World Cup to provide more facilities for visitors.

Al Wakrah Family Beach Quick Guide


  • Parking area
  • toilets/shower
  • playground
  • barbecue pits
  • umbrella/gazebo
  • garbage bins

Packing list:

  • sunscreen/shade
  • mats/tables/chairs
  • water shoes
  • food and drinks

During the day, it is easier to locate the right road that leads to Al Wakrah Family Beach, but at night it’s harder due to the lack of lighting and clear signage. So I highly advise that you get there before the sun sets. In case Google Maps/Waze fails you, don’t be afraid to ask people for directions.

Al Wakrah Family Beach overnight experience

Armed with a ton of food for barbecue night, we drove to Al Wakrah Family Beach on a Thursday night. It’s the weekend and our agenda this time was for our friends’ kid to enjoy some beach time.

Since summer was already underway, we opted for an overnight stay by the beach. After getting a bit lost because of missing the right turn, we finally arrived at an almost full parking lot.

As we made our way to the beach, the chattering of families and squeals of children rang into an otherwise peaceful night. The smell of the sea beckoned.

al wakrah family beach at night qatar

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The warm breeze from the sea was a bit strong but it didn’t feel humid to the skin.

Thanks to the barbecue pits available, grilling became easy. Soon enough, it was time for dinner.

We lamented the fact that we were quite unprepared for a beach camping trip, having brought only mats to sit on and lie on. The seats with umbrellas on the beach were all already full. Nevertheless, we enjoyed our meal in the dark, while listening to the waves.

Kids won’t be bored, for a big playground was enough to keep them preoccupied and running around through the night. As for the adults, in between chats, our mobile phones were handy to keep us busy.

We slept on our mats under the stars, although they were mostly not visible. By the time we woke up, it was already three in the morning and most of the beachgoers have already gone home.  The water has also gone and is now miles from the shore last night.

wakrah family beach qatar before sunrise

We walked in the damp sand, with the hopes of finding shellfish along the way. But all we encountered were small crabs. Too small to be eaten anyway.

walking in al wakrah family beach qatar

This beach isn’t good for swimming, as you have to walk very far just to get to deeper waters. It is, however, a good place to unwind with friends and family.

al wakrah family beach rocky qatar

The sun rose with the waters right up to our ankles and since it was getting hotter, we made our way back to our mats and packed up.

Back to the city to enjoy the rest of the weekend.

sunrise in al wakrah family beach qatar

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Have you tried staying overnight on a beach? How was it? 


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