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SATS Premier Lounge Terminal 1 Singapore Changi Airport (Review + Guide)

SATS Premier Lounge (Terminal 1) is one of the lounges inside Singapore Changi Airport that provides travelers with a sanctuary where they can relax, eat, or catch up on work before their next flight. The lounge operates around the clock, making it a convenient spot for both early birds and late-night fliers. With its emphasis on convenience, comfort, and a broad range of facilities, the SATS Premier Lounge in Terminal 1 enhances your experience at Singapore Changi Airport, widely regarded as one of the world’s best airports.

As I was departing from Terminal 1 via Scoot, I decided to spend my remaining hours before the flight inside SATS Premier Lounge and of course, for the massage chair too!

Location and Hours

SATS Premier Lounge in Singapore Changi Airport Terminal 1 is conveniently located and accessible 24 hours a day to accommodate your travel schedule.

How to get to SATS Premier Lounge Terminal 1

To reach SATS Premier Lounge, make your way to Level 2, Departure Transit Hall of Terminal 1. After the departure immigration, turn left and then take the escalator going up. Clear and precise signage is available to guide you. If you require assistance, Changi Airport information counters provide maps and directions.

This lounge is airside, meaning you need to be a departing passenger or in transit to access the facility.

The lounge can be reached by foot or via the travelators available throughout the terminal. If you require assistance with mobility, services are available upon request to escort you comfortably to your destination.

For your convenience, escalators and elevators are positioned close to the lounge’s entrance, providing easy access to the facility’s comfortable surroundings. These are clearly marked and will swiftly guide you to the lounge, irrespective of the gate you arrive at.

Operating Hours

The lounge operates 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, ensuring availability for passengers on all flight schedules. Whether your flight is in the early hours of the morning or late at night, you can access the services provided by the lounge.

Admission and Rates

When planning your visit to the SATS Premier Lounge in Terminal 1 at Singapore Changi Airport, it’s crucial to understand the entry requirements, admission rates, and the various lounge memberships that can grant you access.

Eligibility and Entry Requirements

Ticketed passengers with an eligible class of service or those holding specific credit cards may access the lounge. Ensure you check your card’s benefits before your visit.

  • Class of Service: First or Business class ticket holders on participating airlines.
  • Credit Cards: Diners Club and select other credit cards often offer lounge access benefits.

Priority Pass and Other Lounge Memberships

As a member of lounge programs like Priority Pass, you may have complimentary access to the SATS Premier Lounge. Membership tiers and benefits can affect your access level, so reviewing your membership details is advised.

  • Priority Pass: Complimentary access depending on your membership level. (Join Priority Pass here)
  • Other Memberships: Lounge access may also be available through select travel and lounge membership programs. Check with your provider.

Booking via Klook

You can also book a 3-hour lounge with shower use through Klook, a travel activities & services booking platform.

Lounge Amenities and Facilities

SATS Signature Laksa station

Within SATS Premier Lounge at Terminal 1 Singapore Changi Airport, you’ll find a variety of amenities and facilities designed to enhance your pre-flight experience. From comfortable seating options to a variety of food and drink offerings, everything is tailored to meet the traveler’s needs, whether you’re a business traveler looking to stay productive or a leisure traveler in pursuit of relaxation before your onward journey.

Seating and Relaxation

In the seating and relaxation area, you have your choice of plush armchairs and sofa seats, ensuring your comfort as you wait for your flight. Additionally, strategically placed massage chairs are available to release any pre-flight tension.

There are also workstation pods/nooks for those looking to work while using the lounge.

Brown leather armchairs are aplenty once you enter the lounge while the gray leather/wooden inclined chairs are located in the separate area at the back. This section is geared more toward travelers looking to relax and have a bit of quiet time. You can find a mini zen garden with a water feature in the center of this section.

Food and Beverage Offerings

The lounge offers a buffet spread with a selection of hot and cold dishes as well as breads and pastries. There was also a signage saying that food is supplied from Halal sources.

Within the buffet line, you will find a rich assortment of international and local cuisines. Notably, the Laksa, a spicy noodle soup popular in Singapore, stands out as a must-try, offering a taste of Singapore’s local flavors. For those who prefer lighter options, an array of snacks including sandwiches and pastries awaits.

As for beverages, you’re catered to with a variety of options including soft drinks (soda), coffee, tea, juices, and alcohol. Notably, an array of wines, spirits, and beers are selectively curated for your enjoyment.

Shower and Restrooms

To freshen up, the lounge provides shower rooms equipped with towels and basic toiletries. The restrooms are clean and maintained, featuring individual cubicles for privacy.

Connectivity and Work Spaces

Need to stay connected or get work done? High-speed Wi-Fi and power points are readily accessible throughout the lounge. Work desks are available for you to use your laptop comfortably, and you can stay updated with the latest news with a selection of magazines.

Additional Services

Massage chairs – SATS Premier Lounge Terminal 1 – SIN Changi Airport

When you visit the SATS Premier Lounge in Terminal 1 of Singapore Changi Airport, you’ll find a suite of services designed to enhance your travel experience. Relax your muscles before your flight by spending some time in the massage chairs. Sit back and let the gentle kneading action work its magic, offering you a moment of tranquility amidst your travels.

A variety of newspapers and magazines are at your disposal. Whether you’re looking to catch up on the latest local/international news or enjoy leisure reading, you’ll find a comprehensive selection.

To aid in your travel experience, flight information is promptly displayed throughout the lounge to ensure you stay updated on your flight status. In the case of changes or delays, screens and announcements keep you informed.

Massage Chairs (free to use)

The massage chairs facing the wall are free to use for those who access the SATS Premier Lounge. According to SATS, guests are encouraged to limit the usage duration to 15 minutes for the convenience and consideration of other guests.

Guests are also required to remove their shoes when using the massage chairs. You can control the massage chairs using a remote control and a How to Use the Massage Chair Guide is available.

SATS Premier Lounge Experience (SIN)

Buffet – SATS Premier Lounge – Terminal 1 – Singapore Changi Airport

With still a few hours to kill before my flight departing from Changi Airport (SIN) Terminal 1, I used my Priority Pass membership to relax in SATS Premier Lounge. The check-in was a breeze. I only had to show my Priority Pass (you can show your physical card or QR code from the app) and my boarding pass to enter.

As it was around lunchtime, I was surprised that there weren’t a lot of people inside the lounge. I headed straight for the massage chairs because, after a 16-hour flight from San Francisco (SFO) and a long layover in Changi, my body was close to shutting down.

I had the luxury of having the massage chair area all to myself and if it weren’t for hunger, I probably would’ve dozed off in that chair. Although there was a how-to guide, it wasn’t as user-friendly as one would expect. I didn’t know if it was an issue with the remote control or if it was because some of the massage programs weren’t available.

When I dined for lunch, there was a salad station, a DIY Laksa station, entrees, vegetarian options, bread, dessert, and even congee. Since we’re in Singapore, it’s almost a sin not to try the SATS Signature Laksa which had toppings of fish cake, bean curd, bean sprouts and hard-boiled egg (half). There was even an instruction guide on how to make your own laksa.

In the Do-It-Yourself Laksa station, you can heat your noodles and toppings in the hot water and then pour the Laksa Gravy. Having a low tolerance for spice, I found the laksa gravy to be medium spicy.

After sampling more dishes and beverages in the buffet, I moved to the back area since there were fewer guests there. The WiFi was still as strong and I was able to get some work done.

The toilets were clean and well-stocked. However, I didn’t manage to use the shower facilities since I already showered in Changi Lounge (Jewel Changi).

I was also able to sneak in a short nap before heading to my departure gate.

I’ve found SATS Premier Lounge in Terminal 1 to be a decent option although personally I still prefer Plaza Premium Lounges. I consider myself lucky since I’ve read some reviews that mention how the lounge can get quite crowded during peak hours and the service lacking.

Alternative Lounges

Changi Lounge in Jewel Changi

When you’re at Changi Airport but SATS Premier Lounge is not your chosen stop, you have other lounges to consider for comfort and amenities.

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