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St. Regis Doha Grand Brunch: 5 things you need to know

Brunch is not a foreign concept to me. Being a fan of waking up late especially during weekends and holidays, brunch has always been my go-to first meal of the day. But ever since stepping foot in Qatar, I realized that brunches here are an entirely different kind of story. So let me tell you about the grandest brunch I’ve been to so far, the St. Regis Doha Grand Brunch!

Newbies guide to the St. Regis Doha Grand Brunch


It’s the epitome of Grand

St. Regis Doha is indeed the Finest Address in Qatar. From the grand entrance to the opulent lobby, and their world-class service, you shouldn’t be surprised that their Friday brunch is on another level and as grand as it claims to be.

Unlike other hotel brunches, food offered at the Grand Brunch is not just from one outlet or kitchen. Be prepared to eat food served from Vine, Opal by Gordon Ramsay, Gordon Ramsay Mediterranean, The Raw Bar, and Astor Grill. Now isn’t that grand?

It’s so big it has its own map

Spanning more than 2,000 square meters, the whole buffet spread is so big it has its own map! And this map is one of the first things you’ll see upon being seated. This is not the first time I encountered a “brunch map” but plus points to St. Regis Doha for providing one.

As you sit and contemplate where to go first, the map comes in handy in plotting your dining strategy. I don’t know about you, but as I have only a finite amount of space in my tummy, I definitely need a good tactic to make the most of this grand gastronomic delight!

Come hungry for the culinary journey

I mean, who comes to a brunch as grand as this not hungry? Your tummy better come prepared for war. And don’t you forget that secret space for desserts, because you’ll be like Hansel and Gretel once you see the dessert spread. Good thing there’s no evil witch to stop you!

Indulge in a little bit of everything (or a lot!) from the 16 food stations scattered throughout the venues. These food stations also involve live cooking and carving stations. You can quench that thirst with alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks from the 6 bars available.

I tried my best to sample a bit of everything, especially foods that I don’t know how to cook or get to eat often. I liked everything I tried and wished so bad that I could eat there the whole day just so I could do reruns. Haha

Here are the photo highlights of the St Regis Doha Grand Brunch:

opal by gordon ramsay peach endive salad

just one of the assorted salads to choose from

st regis doha grand brunch appetizers salad

assorted salads, starters, and cold cuts to choose from

st regis doha grand brunch king crab razor clam

Alaskan King Crab Legs and Razor Clams

st regis doha grand brunch antipasti


For the mains and entrees, choose from different cuisines around the world!

Here are some of the dishes I’ve tried and loved.

st regis doha grand brunch louisiana

st regis doha indian biryani


st regis doha grand brunch beef wellington

the famous Beef Wellington

st regis doha grand brunch starters

st regis doha grand brunch snacks

st regis doha grand brunch carving station

carving station – beef, chicken , fish


st regis doha grand brunch duck pancake foie gras

duck pancake and foie gras

Leave some room for dessert for you’ll find a wide array of offerings to satisfy your sweet tooth. From crepes, ice cream, Arabic sweets, assorted pastries, cakes, fruits and tarts you’ll surely have a hard time which one you’ll go for first.

st regis doha grand brunch dessert shooters

st regis doha grand brunch fig tart

st regis doha grand brunch desserts

st regis doha grand brunch kunafa

st regis doha grand brunch assorted pastries

Dress comfortably

Another thing to consider before coming to the Grand Brunch is your clothing of choice. Feel free to don your Sunday’s best or your favorite maxi dress, but you better make sure it’s comfortable. Since October lunch temperatures are still hot and humid, the best choices are light and breathable fabrics. And if you’re conscious about your food baby showing itself to the whole world after enjoying the gustatory pleasures, then better reserve those body-con dresses for your ladies nights instead.

st regis doha oryx

Enjoy the live band and the views

And if everything isn’t grand enough, the Friday Brunch also involves a live band to make the ambiance of your dining experience even better. The new band’s repertoire is diverse, belting out tunes from The Weeknd, The Police, reggae, and other hits. Dance with your buddies and your fam in between taking those trips to the buffet tables.

st regis doha grand brunch live band

And if dancing isn’t your thing, you can always walk around and marvel at the amazing views from the balcony. The blue-green waters of the Arabian Gulf and the hotel property below. From the gigantic oryx standing high above the trees to the Olympic size pool, and the hodgepodge of hotel guests, there’s certainly enough to keep your eyes busy.

As for kids, they can chill in their own Kids Zone provided by the hotel. They also have their own dedicated buffet station.

st regis doha pool beach

Do I think it’s worth the price? Definitely! The St. Regis Doha Grand Brunch is certainly an experience in itself. And with the diverse selection of food and beverage choices, plus entertainment, and awesome views, I sincerely can say that you’ll get more than what you paid for. Plus, I can’t find anything bad about their customer service. All the service staff I passed and talked to were very accommodating, polite, and know about their products. So I’ll leave it up to you to decide, and I hope this post convinces you to give the Grand Brunch a try. 😉


St. Regis Doha Grand Brunch Details (updated 2019)

Date: Every Friday

Time: 12:30 PM – 4 PM

Price: 350 QAR (with soft beverages) | 450 QAR (enhanced beverages)

– children 4 – 11 yrs (half price) | children below 4 yrs (complimentary)

For reservations: call 4446 0105 or email at [email protected]

Disclosure: Although I was an invited guest of St. Regis Doha, all opinions, and comments are my own. These are based on my personal experience during that time. You know me, I strive to be honest as always. 😉

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  • What a spread!! I’ve been to St Regis Grand Brunch a couple of times, I have to say that it was a hit and miss but the atmosphere is always a hit for me! I love the outdoor area and the band’s fantastic! 🙂

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