sushi class set up of Nobu Doha

Sushi Class with Nobu Doha and Lexus Qatar

Being a fan of taking cooking classes, I was delighted to have been invited to the Cook and Taste event organized by All And About Qatar, in collaboration with Nobu Doha and Lexus Qatar.

Japanese food is one of my favorite cuisines and one of the dishes I don’t get tired of eating is sushi. Here are more details on the fun and interactive Sushi Class with Nobu Doha at the Lexus Qatar Showroom Lounge!

Nobu Doha

From a single restaurant called Matsuhisa to an empire of more than 40 Nobu restaurants and hotels around the world, it only proves that Chef Nobuyuki Matsuhisa’s popularity and brand, together with his partners Robert De Niro, Drew Nieporent, and Meir Teper, deserves all its acclaims.

Did you know?
Masaharu Morimoto used to work for Nobu New York as head Chef. It was also during this time that he became a celebrity chef because of the famous show, Iron Chef. 

Nobu Doha is the largest of his restaurants to date, with its three tiers offering panoramic views of the Arabian Gulf besides Four Seasons Doha. The extraordinary design reflecting different elements of nature adds to the whole dining experience, with its circular shape paying homage to Doha’s pearling past.

Nobu Doha Culinary Class

Usually held in the restaurant itself, the Sushi Class taught by Nobu’s Sushi Chefs was specially held this time at the new exclusive lounge at Lexus Qatar’s showroom (more on that later!).

The normal sushi class is also more comprehensive, including topics such as rice preparation and how to properly eat your sushi.

Ours was a shorter version but informative nonetheless. We started the event with an introduction from the Marketing Manager of Lexus Qatar and a short video of Chef Nobu as he was interviewed by Mona of AllAndAbout.

What’s more important is the heart. The passion. – Chef Nobu

What is the difference between Maki, Nigiri, and Temaki?

Sushi is usually rice with fish, but not all sushi is raw. Traditionally, Nigiri is rice topped with fish.

On the other hand, Maki, which is more popular outside of Japan, is rolled using a sushi rolling mat and uses seaweed wrap (Nori). It is usually made with fish, rice, and/or vegetables/fruit.

The one we made during the class is Uramaki, with rice on the outside. Temaki is a hand roll that is cone-shaped Maki.

maki and nigiri from sushi class with nobu doha

Sushi Class

In the class, we were taught how to make Maki, Nigiri, and Temaki. Head Sushi Chef (Chef Jephte) demonstrates each step and we try to follow along and do our best. Had it not been for the assistance of the other Sushi Chefs, we probably were like kids crawling in the dark. Thanks, Chef Benj!

Sushi is one of those foods that are easier to eat than to make. Of course, as you do it more often, you get better. But for now, I fear that my sushi career has already ended before it even began. Although some of our “classmates” were quite natural at it, making things look easy while I fumble with my uncoordinated hands.

Now I also understand why authentic sushi restaurants are quite expensive. It takes years and years before they master the art of sushi making and what you eat is the culmination of all those years of hard work and training.

It definitely reminds me of that movie, Jiro Dreams of Sushi. If you haven’t watched it and you love sushi, go find it now and watch it.

Lexus Qatar Owners’ Lounge

On the 1st level of the main showroom, is the new and exclusive owners’ lounge which also has its own cafe, meeting, and conference rooms, as well as providing guests with complimentary finger foods and sweets.

Like the showroom below and the exteriors, the lounge design is well-thought-of and reflects the high quality and luxury that the brand is known for.

Have you taken a sushi class?

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