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overlooking beach from sand dunes at sealine mesaieed qatar
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Sealine Beach (Mesaieed): day trip + guide

Discover the beauty of Sealine Beach in Qatar! Find out what to do, see, and experience at this beautiful coastal location. Check out the information you need to make the most of your trip, from the location, water &…

Al Wakrah Family Beach Qatar
Qatar Travel

Al Wakrah Family Beach Qatar: BBQ + sunrise

Because of its proximity to Doha, Al Wakra Municipality Family Beach is one of the popular beaches for families in Qatar. In 2022, it was renovated before the World Cup to provide more facilities for visitors. Al Wakrah Family…

fuwairit beach qatar sea foam
Qatar Travel

Fuwairit (Fuwayrit) Beach Qatar Guide

Located near the northern tip, Fuwairit Beach Qatar is just more than an hour’s drive from Doha. If you’re a fan of beaches and looking for a quick weekend getaway, check out this spot! Personal experience of Fuwairit Beach…