Thai Kitchen Cookery Centre Chiang Mai

Cook for a day at Thai Kitchen Cookery Centre Chiang Mai

When you took a bite of the Pad Thai you had for lunch in Bangkok, did you ever wonder what its ingredients are? Or how about what makes that Sticky Mango Rice so creamy?

That fascination for what goes into the food we’re eating is what made me enroll in a cooking class in Chiang Mai. And I experienced being a Thai cook for a day at Thai Kitchen Cookery Centre.

Thai Kitchen Cookery Centre

After a few Google searches of where to take cooking classes in Chiang Mai, I settled for Thai Kitchen Cookery Centre – the first cooking school in Chiang Mai. The founder came from a family of cooks and restaurateurs so the recipes he used were a family heirloom.

Reservation was not a problem since it was low season. I booked a full day course which consists of 6 courses.

Thai Kithchen Cookery Centre Chiang Mai

Off to the market

Pick-up from our accommodations was included in the payment. After waiting for a bit for the other participants, we headed off to the local market.

Their market didn’t come as a shock to me because it has lots of similarities to the local markets here in the Philippines. We were introduced to different vegetables and other ingredients that we will be using for the day.
Our facilitator explained their names, as well as their uses. Some of the ingredients were foreign to me, like Galangal, Ginza, and Holy Basil. So it was really fascinating for me to see them in their raw form.

chiang mai local ingredients

thai kitchen cookery centre local market visit

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Cooking Dash: Chiang Mai edition

After the welcome drinks and snack, participants are grouped by their chosen menu items and then assigned a teacher. Each of us had our own knife, chopping board, and a set of ingredients. But first, hand washing!

Their kitchen is spacious and clean, and you get to have your own stove for each dish that needs to be cooked.

The teachers are quite fun, very friendly, and they explain the dishes as well as the ingredients. They also demonstrate first what needs to be done. But more often, they just dictate what you need to do and let you do it yourself. It is definitely a hands-on experience!

I picked the following courses:
Red Curry Paste
Chiang Mai noodle
Pad Thai
Glass Noodles Salad
Thai Herb Soup
Sticky Rice with Mango

Making the Red Curry Paste was quite challenging because of the use of mortar and pestle. Your arm muscles will definitely be put to good use!

I had the most fun in making my favorite Thai dish – the iconic Pad Thai! I was amazed by the cooks in Thip Samai in Bangkok and was trying my best to emulate them when I cooked this dish. Well, of course at a way slower pace!

A new discovery during the class was the Chiang Mai Noodles, more commonly known as Khaw Soi. The Red Curry Paste I made earlier was used in this dish. I had fun plating this one and turned out to be another of my favorite Thai dish.

cooking khaw soi

Sticky Mango Rice was the easiest of them all. The rice was already cooked for us, so all we did was slice the mangoes and make the sauce for the rice. We were salivating by the end of this course.
But the best part and definitely my favorite part is what comes after cooking all of those dishes. Eating everything you cooked!

Those wonderful traditional Thai dishes are eaten inside their Chiang Mai style room where you’ll sit low on the ground with the rest of the group. I also had fun chatting and getting to know the other participants, four of which are couples on their honeymoon! I’m actually the only solo traveler in our group. Afterward, we were also given a certificate and cookbook. Drop off back to the hotel is also included.

It was like being in a cooking competition show, except that there’s no competition. Tasting the dishes I made, I must say that I did a good job of it. Although I could just be biased or I was really hungry that time. Hahaha.

Food is indeed one of the best ways to understand and appreciate a place. The cooking class let me practice cooking again after being on the road for more than a month in Southeast Asia. And because of that memorable experience, I don’t think I’ll ever look at Thai food the same way ever again.

Can’t wait for my next cooking class!

Thai Kitchen Cookery Centre

32 Soi Khroa rd. Soi 1 T. Changklan
A.Muang Chiang Mai Thailand
081-9801950, 080-5022029
[email protected]

Full day course
1000 baht
09:40 am – 3:00 pm
6 dishes

Course Inclusions:
Local market tour (excluding afternoon course)
Tea, coffee, water, herbal, snacks
Chiang Mai style room with air condition
Full-color recipe book
Free transport to and from accommodation
Free certificate for full day course



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How about you? Have you attended a cooking class while you were traveling?

Darlene is currently on the road again and traveling full-time after being an expat/overseas Filipino worker in Qatar. She's rediscovering what it means to travel solo and in her 30s while working on her blogs.


  • hey Darlene, You must be trave holic. yes CHIANG MAI is good place for travel. it is also good for thai food.

  • It looks like a great way to spend a day and really experience a place. Would be wonderful to know how to cook some of these delicious meals!

  • If my plan to go to Chiang Mai pushes through this November and if time permits, I’d like to take up this course. How much is rate by the way? I definitely want to learn how to cook pad thai.

  • Looks like a great experience. You are very lucky to learn from the experts in Thailand. I am always amaze on how they prepare such good cuisines and there are many Thai food here in the Philippines that cannot even create an authentic Thai food taste.

  • Christina

    I have thought about doing a cooking class in our trips previously but haven’t had a chance yet. I think doing one in Chang Mai as you have would be amazing. I love Thai food and it would be amazing to learn how to cook the foods plus learn about the key ingredients.

  • It was really great reading about the cooking of some of the iconic Thai dishes, I was struck by the resemblance of some of the dishes like red curry paste to some of our dishes in India. The mango rice also has its Indian version.

  • Something to look forward when I visit Chiang Mai. I can’t help but reminisce the taste of Pad thai and every food I tried on the street. You made me miss Thai food more 🙂 Luto ka naman when we meet!

  • I’ve never done a cooking class before but a lot of my friends who went backpacking in South East Asia say its a must! Looks like a lot of fun! ???

  • Ohhh! I didn’t know you were in Chiang Mai! Would have loved to meet you. I did a cooking class in CM too recently. The food looks great!

  • I am definitely bookmarking this. This is such an excellent idea to take part in, in immersing oneself in Thailand’s culture, through the palate. I love the idea of recreating the traditional dishes at home once the trip is done. The acquired recipes, knowledge, and skills are the perfect souvenirs from a place.

  • Randolph Arante

    I’ve tried some locally cooked Thai food, but authentic that cuisine is better of course. Will travel around the Philippines first, then Thailand will be in my bucket list to experience what their tastebuds love.

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