yangon circular train railway

In Photos: Going around via Yangon Circular Train

Built during the British colonial times, the Yangon Circular Train (Yangon Circular Railway) is mostly used by locals. But it has since gained popularity among tourists as one of the best and cheapest ways to explore Yangon, Myanmar.

Yangon Circular Train/Yangon Circle Train

Departing from Yangon Central Station, the Yangon Circle train goes around 39 stations spanning 45 kilometers.

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route map yangon circle line train

The whole train ride from end to end is around 3 hours. The service runs for 20 times a day.

A ticket costs only 200 kyats! Passport is required for tourists.

Where to buy ticket: Platform 7

yangon circle line train station

Get an insight of the everyday life of Burmese people in Yangon through this train ride.

inside yangon circular train

No air conditioning and hard plastic seats.

You won’t get hungry along the ride because there will be many vendors boarding the train. And in our case, we were overwhelmed by the kindness of the Burmese, giving us free food!

It is common to see red spit from betel nut in corners, as well as elders smoking hand-rolled cheroots.

yangon circular train station

Be prepared for a slow and bumpy ride through the outskirts and suburbs of Yangon.

You’ll get to see endless views of rice paddies, neighborhoods, and mundane daily rituals.

on the edge of yangon circular train

At one point, we were prodded by train officers to sit at the edge. They opened the door and voila, better views than the windows. It got tiring though at one point so we went back to alternating between sitting and standing during the ride.

yangon circular train tracks

yangon circular train tracks under construction

We were surprised to see more than two tracks. And at one part, the tracks seemed to be under construction.

yangon suburbs

yangon circular train rainy day

Half of the trip, it was raining on and off. We took the trip middle of September, still monsoon season for Southeast Asia. The rain managed to cool us off a bit, but it made us nervous since we didn’t bring any umbrella. Luckily, it stopped when we were near our last stop.

yangon circular railway

This is where the trains go to die, me thinks.

yangon circular train tracks from above

You can get off at any stop. And continue to explore Yangon on foot or any mode of transportation you prefer.

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Crossing the breathtaking GOKTEIK VIADUCT

Do you like train rides? What was your most memorable train ride? 


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  • That’s pretty nice; the interior of the train looks like that of a long, large jeepney. And it’s not so crowded, which is really great.

    We haven’t tried traveling long-distance by train. We hope we can try it even once in our lifetime (remembers a scene in Casino Royale where Bond meets Vesper)

    • Haha yeah, one of the ultimate long distance train travel is the Trans-Siberian Railway. I hope to do it soon!

  • Vicki Louise

    This is a fascinating way to get a look into daily life in Yangon. It would be a great way to spend 3 hours and rally get a feel for the place. I’ll add it to my list for when I finally get to Myanmar!

  • This would be a great loop journey. With the train scheduled every 20 mins, would be a nice hop on and hop off too. Not sure I would be happy sitting right on the edge, brave woman!

  • Sandy N Vyjay

    The train journey around Yangon looks fascinating. Always love trains, they have an unexplainable romantic aura around them. The train journey, I can see is a great way to experience a slice of the everyday life of the locals and get a ring view of the countryside.

  • I was in Yangon 6 years ago, but I dont remember this train. It seems like it is a great way to see the whole city.

  • I love taking the train! I think you can learn so much about people and their culture on a train ride. It looks like a great way to get around Yangon.

  • Claudia

    It seems like it was a long journey and the rain didnt help much but it stills seems like a good idea and much better than traveling by foot

    • Oh definitely! We walked a lot in Yangon so we were always tired upon going back to the hostel.

  • Peter Korchnak

    Very cool. I love to travel by train wherever and whenever possible. Adding Burma to the list!

    • You should check out the train passing by the Gokteik Viaduct in Myanmar as well. 😉

  • THis is really interesting to know. I havent been to Yangon yet but as I also work in the railway industry here in the UK, I would take a trip on this and check out all the different places it stops at. This does look like an interesting thing to do. 🙂

  • OMG how did I miss this? I visited Yangon and travelled everywhere by foot which is pretty exhuasting considering the heat. This would have been such a better idea.

    • Oh yeah! We walked a lot too while there and I can definitely relate that it was exhausting.

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