What is the zip code of Doha? How to ship stuff to Qatar?

Does Qatar have a zip code? If you’re looking for the zip code or postal code of Qatar for the purpose of filling up a form or for online shopping from abroad, then you need to know that there is no such thing as a zip code or postal code in Qatar.

But if you really need to input a number, you can use 0000 or 00000, or 000000.

How to get a PO Box in Qatar?

If you’re having items delivered from overseas to Qatar, you can apply for a P.O. Box number at Qatar Post. You can subscribe for a P.O. Box directly from any Qatar Post office near you. You can renew your P.O. Box through the Qatar Post website. You can also check items delivered to your designated P.O. Box or you can even have your items delivered straight from your home.

Applying for a personal P.O. Box gives you the freedom to have your mail or parcel secured until you collect it. Your personal address can also remain safe because you would only need to have your P.O. Box written on the address part when checking out your online cart or on the letter/parcel you’re sending.

How much to rent a PO Box in Qatar? It costs QR 500 every year to rent a personal P.O. Box, inclusive of one key.

What if I don’t have a PO Box? How can I have items delivered to me in Qatar from overseas?

If you don’t want or need a PO box, you can just put zero zero zero zero as mentioned above in the Zip Code/Postal Code section when filling up the address form as you pay for the items in your cart. Depending on the online portal you ordered from, your items will either end up in Qatar Post or through a shipping company here in Qatar.

If your parcel or letter arrived at Qatar Post, you will get a message or a call on your mobile number informing you that you have a delivery. Be careful not to click any links though because there are a lot of scams going on impersonating Qatar Post. Just go directly to the main Qatar Post location in West Bay.

Whenever I have parcels from the USA delivered through USPS, they always end up in the main Qatar Post location and I pick them up there after it gets scanned by the authorities.

I’ve also ordered from SHEIN a handful of times and they’re either delivered by Aramex right on my doorstep or I pick them up at their Abu Hamour branch. How long does Shein take to deliver to Qatar? Expect a wait time of 10 days to 2 weeks for your items to arrive.

Does Amazon deliver to Doha? There are some items that can be delivered to Qatar. Although in my experience, it’s cheaper to use a forwarding service especially if you’re ordering from Amazon USA.

If you’re ordering items online and you want to save on delivery costs, you can use shipping services such as Qatar Post’s Connected, Aramex, or Shop and Ship. With the use of these shipping services, you can shop online and use the overseas address they provide you. They will then take care of forwarding the items that you ordered to your doorstep here in Qatar.

How to know my address in Qatar?

Qatar has eight municipalities and is also divided into zones. If you want to know the zone of the building or villa you’re living in or the building your office is in, look for the blue plate.

The blue plate contains the Building number, Street number, and Zone number. Within buildings, you can also see the blue plate containing boxes for the unit number or the flat number and floor number. You can use these numbers to input your address if you’re having items delivered within Qatar.

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